Mass Media and Press Question Assignment

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Answer: gathering a lot of small campaign contributions Question 6 Which of these accounts for more than half of all campaign coverage? Answer: horse-race coverage Question 7 When the New York Times decides to present schoolteachers as the good guys and politicians cutting their budgets as bad guys, it is engaging in which of these? Answer: interpretation Question 8 The Sullivan rule requires which of these things to prove a statement is false and malicious? Answer: intent Question 9 Which statement best demonstrates the media’s effect on public opinion?

Answer: While the media may not be able to tell us what to think, they are successful in telling us what to think about. Question 10 Political ads are more successful at motivating a candidate’s supporters to go to the polls than at Answer: changing opponents into supporters Question 11 Which of these is owned by Rupert Morocco? Answer: Fox News Question 12 Because media is the principal link between candidates and voters, the candidate’s Answer: image Question 13 is more important than her policy positions. An increasing number of young people are getting their news from

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Answer: the Internet Question 14 What was established by the Sullivan rule? Answer: that public officials must prove malicious intent in defamation suits Question 15 Political conflict is mostly carried out Answer: in the mass media Question 16 Campaigning for president begins in earnest how long before the election? Answer: two years Question 17 When the media engage in agenda setting, they are telling us Answer: what to think about Question 18 The Chicago Sun-Times running a week-long feature on voter registration and providing information about registering is an example of which of these?

Answer: colonization Question 19 Which of these is considered by the FCC to be a public trust? Answer: a broadcast license Question 20 No prior restraint on speech or publication refers to which of the following? Answer: the Supreme Court interpretation of freedom of the press Question 21 Which of the following provides interactive mass participation? Answer: the Internet Question 22 The New York Times tends to choose bad news over good because of its .

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