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Price: is related to discount, payment period, credit terms, allowances… Place: Is related to distribution channel, coverage, location, transport. Promotion: advertising, sale promotion, public relation, direct marketing, sales force… Next, we will use ups to analysis two stores: Sketchers (World Famous) (Figure: Checkers at Volcano Center A In HCI) A billion-dollar global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry and a high- performance footwear brand, CHECKERS USA, Inc. Designs, develops and markets a diverse range of fitness and casual footwear for trend-savvy men, women and hillier.

CHECKERS meets the needs of male and female consumers across every age and demographic. CHECKERS also has an extensive network of global distributors that sell its product in over 120 countries and territories, and nearly 900 CHECKERS stores around the world. (Source: http://sex. Com/) Analysis ups at Checkers Products: Store sells shoes, sneakers, high heels, sandals and flippers. Because this is a famous brand In the world, so their products have high quality. There are many sizes for everybody such as S, M, L Design: their products are designed by their own ideas. OFF This make customer feel younger and self-motivated.

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With high heels: products forward to femininity styles with many colors. The segmentation in these products are women over 20 years old. Price: The price is fluctuate from 1 million VEND to three millions VEND. Customer can pay by credit card. Place: The store located that customer can easy to find (B 19+ 20 at Vinson Center) Promotion: In this time, the store doesn’t have any promotion program. Bat Figure: Bat Store at Vinson A in HCI Bat has been in the shoe-making industry for over 120 years now, proudly signing, manufacturing and retailing stylish shoes that serve a multitude of purposes.

Today’s shoes are asked to work harder than ever and they must do so while looking fashionable, feeling comfortable, and supporting a variety of activities. For more than 120 years now, the Bat brand has offered the best shoe at the best price. Besides that, they also sell bags for both men and women. (Source: http:// wombat. Com/world-of-shoes/) Analysis ups at Bat Product: Selling many kinds of products such as high heels, sandals for children, shoes for men, bags for women and men, belts, slippers for men.

One of the main objectives of Bat brand has offered the best product for best price so customers can believe in Bat’s products. Design: the product are designed following to elegant styles, color is neuter. Men’s products: the main colors are black and brown. There are many sizes for everybody such as S, M, L Price: Shoes for women: from one million to three millions VEND Shoes for men: from two million to four millions VEND Bag for women: from three millions to ten millions VEND Bag for men: from two millions to five millions VEND Customers can pay by credit card.

We can see that Bat’s products have a clearly price differences for men and women. Store didn’t locate at center of floor B, so customers are difficult to find. The store locate at Bal 21 + 22 in Vinson Center. Promotion: Store is having a promotion program: For men’s products: sale 50% For women’s products: when buy products, customer can receive promotion gift is Bat’s umbrella. This is good way to introduce customers Bat’s umbrella – new product of Bat. Comparing two shops: Based on the data above, we can realize that both two shops sell main product is shoes.

Therefore, Sketchers and Bat are each other’s competitors. However, the Sketcher’s products focus on self-motivated with many colors. On the other hand, Bat’s products focus on designed products that are elegant style, color is neuter. It means that the target of two shops are different. Both Sketchers brand and Bat brand are famous in the world so their products have high quality, customer can believe and use it. Besides that, Bat’s shop also sell bad for men and women, belt… These product can make shop attract another customer who care about bag and belt. Therefore, they can gain more profit.

The price of two shops have a differences. Sketcher’s shoes fluctuate from 1 million VEND to three millions VEND. This price seem to be acceptable with customer in Vietnam. Bat’s shoes have price from 1 million to 4 millions VEND. There are no significant price differences between two shops. Sketcher shop is located place that customer can easily to find. Moreover, name of brand – Sketchers makes is large and eye-catching. It means that shop has more opportunities to attract customer. On the other hand, Bat shop didn’t locate at enter of floor B in Vinson Center, so customer can be difficult to find.

Bat shop now having an attractive promotion program to attract customers. For example, for men’s products, when customers buy, they have chance to pay a half of money to get the item. In other words, customer receive “sale 50%” of shop. For women’s products, when customer buys products, customer can receive promotion gift is Bat’s umbrella. With Sketchers, shop doesn’t have any promotion program now. In short, we can see that two shops apply marketing mix is very carefully. They want to make sure their investment can get profit.

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