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Tan Help Path, Its precursor being Ben Than beer and beverage workshop, has become the strong beverage group now with a series of healthful products. Tan Help Path Is the pioneer company In changing the Vietnamese drink habit: farmland with healthful bottled drink. The products such as Kong Do (Zero degree) green tea, Dry Than herbal tea, or newly I-gun carbonate green tea… Re the leading brand name in the Viet Name market, have showed the stature of the leading many in approaching and understanding the changeable demands of consumers. Dry. Than Than Herbal Tea is a beverage brand famous in the Vietnam market are offered by Tan Hip Path Group – manufacturer and distributor of beverage products. Than Herbal Tea products are made from 9 palace herbs . The main use of Dry. Than Herbal Tea Is to promote health and prevent diseases 3. 3 Price.

The current price of Dry Than Herbal Tea Is higher than any other bottled beverage . However, customer acceptance of this product because It has health benefits . Dry. Than help us Identify strategies HTTP products for this brand Is a brief skimming , el launching new products to the market with high prices and high levels of promotion : * The high prices to ensure gross profit per unit of product at the highest level , spending more on promotions to convince the markets about the benefits of products even with high prices . Promotional activities at a high level is to increase market penetration rate . Pricing strategy also contributed in building the company’s marketing strategy for products Dry. Than . As new products come on the market , so the company chose milk skimming pricing strategy for its products , valued at the highest price that the market can accept .

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In general, the price of tea herbs DRY higher than the same products are extracted from 9 royal herbs , and the company has Invested In machinery technology to reach International quality , the company always want to Increase the added value of products , always add more new features to the product , making the product together with utility products to intricate to the superiority Vietnam as well as adding value to the consumer through the price that consumers have to spend to get a product to meet demand .

High valuation to ensure gross profit per unit of product at the highest level , this also contributed to increased profits for the company and have obtained the maximum sales when the demand for new products is very high DRY , image quality , and support for new products and this is the best product for herbal tea pioneers purify the body . After 2 months of launch Dry. Than has reached more than 200 % compared to the targets set.

This is also the first step for a successful product entirely new beverage , as well as needs change consumption habits of most customers Currently the product is available as Dry. Than pet bottles and paper boxes , glass bottles Pet bottle has two types : + Type mill: VEND 8000 Type some: VEND 10000 new products hit the market in the long term but hard to get consumers to accept and support especially who have lower average incomes and the like will make it official for other marketing strategy of the company is positioning this product for all ages , all market segments .

So this is also causing difficulties for the target market coverage and towards mass segment . Thus, to maintain and expand its segment , HTTP research takes time and adjust the price that consumers feel the most suitable product acceptance in the long run , because very can these competitors will give the market the same product line but with prices suitable for most consumers .

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