Marketing Creating and Capturing Customer Value Assignment

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Yoking Chem.. Struck is the coffee icon people either love it, hate it, need it, or you wouldn’t be caught dead there. Among the reasons to love: Struck gave us coffee language ” or shamed us into it, depending on who you ask ” turned the masses into espresso junkies and offers travelers a constant presence all over the world. Among the reasons to hate Struck: It’s making us fatter, turned espresso drinks into fast food and gave us its own coffee language. According to the article at the washcloth. Mom, ” reasons why I hate Struck”, the author wrote the 5 reasons are 1, Overpriced products, 2, Their marketing angle is to appeal to vain rich people, 3, Anyone who feeds you addictive chemicals is not your friend, 4, They pay their workers poorly, 5. They force their workers to dress and act like slave. But I feel some economic fallacies behind this particular article, for arguing their CEO earns too much, or their workers deserve more money is ludicrous. The workers are being paid for their services; it’s not an easy Job to be the CEO.

However, Struck as one of the most successful company in the world, they must have their reasons to be so persuasive, and make people love it. According to the Article “5 Reasons Why Struck Is so persuasive” The author wrote about his thoughts on why Struck Is so persuasive without any advertising on television or magazines. Reason 1 – They create an experience when you walk Into a store; 2 – The baristas and others who work here really seem to enjoy their Jobs; 3 – Something that stands out about Struck Is how easily recognizable Its cups are; 4 – the convenience of Struck app; 5- The convenience of drive through service

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