Marketing and Brochure Assignment

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Bad acquisitions-because turn down the economy. 3. Opportunity -A new service online market. 4. THREAT -Intense competition and changes in taste of customers. HOW THE BUSINESS RUN? We take part in doing research and survey about the food stalls nearby MUM Amelia Campus before we run our business. We doing advertisement to promote the food of the following food stalls in MUM. Students will buy the brochure from us through our website. Besides that, MUM students can purchase the brochure by online or hand over face-to-face. They have to submit with the student id and contact number.

The brochure inside include with the voucher. The voucher can be used to get the discount price when the students eating at the following food stalls. At the same times, we will cooperate with the food stall owner. Hence, the food stall owner also will earn the money. Every month, we will get income from the advertisement. Lastly, we engages IT students to help us arrange the website and update the new information about the food regularly. REVENUE MODAL Normally we sell the brochure about RMI 5 per each. Besides that, we receive the income from helping the food stall owner to promote their food.

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We earn from them about ARMS for each and per month. Our market approach that means our target market is MUM students. Mechanism- Internet, man power. Revenue modal -For example, if 500 students buy the brochure from us, we may get the profit 500 x ARMS After that, we found 20 food stalls around the MUM Campus, we will get the profit about 20 x ARMS Quarter 1 of the year ,OHO Quarter 2 of the year=ARMS,OHO Quarter 3 of the year=ARMS,500 Quarter 4 of the year=ARMS,OHO OVERHEAD COST/OPPORTUNITY COST Total revenue : 1 year = RAMMERS : 2 year = ARM 40000 : 3 year = ARM 42000 : 4 year = ARM 45000

Profit Margin : year 1 -??cost 40% revenue : year 2 -??cost 30% revenue 70% : year 3 -??cost 25% revenue 75% : year 4 -??cost 20% revenue 80% THE ASK & OFFER TIMELINE THE ASK 0 ORINOCO for printing house to print brochure , application of the license of the website. THE OFFER 0 Return back the investment RAMMER+5% profit per month. First year :we arrange the structure of the company. Second year: we start our business. First month: earn profit RAMMERS. MARKETING PLAN Target market Population-Mum students Business target purpose-Provide better food information for students. Marketing Mix

Product- Brochure; Service-online website Price-ARM 15 per each brochure. Promotion-students get discount price of using voucher. Voucher is inside the brochure. Place-MUM Amelia Campus. Marketing Strategy Cooperate with food stall. Sell the brochure to students. MARKET RESEARCH Primary 50 respondents take part in survey To response our business can be process or not. Secondary About 7000 students live in hostel. They have to find food. What are your barrier? Cost: rental fees, utility expenses, printing fees, internet fees. Resources: management, argument, different in opinion. COMPETITION

Online website may bring negative effect to magazine due to our advertising is more cheaper. Other local food stalls and campus food stalls in nearby vicinity who has not Join with our plan. PRODUCT & SERVICE Productiveness Include photo of the foods , beverages, image of the food stall, location, pricing detail, contact number and etc. Servicewomen website Everyday update the food information of the food stall nearby MUM. The information include name of the shop, photo of different type of foods and beverages, price detail, etc. Promotional tools work to bring customer in with the promise of a reward.

For example, a free cup of coffee or drinks voucher for every 10 brochure that are purchased. Get ARM discount voucher with every purchase of OPERATIONAL PLAN After designing all the plan, we would like to have an advertisement at CLC Building. The main point is attract student come forward to know about our business. By the way, we sell the brochure to them. We also teach students how to use the online website so that they can easily to know about the food information. Students will go for the place that they want to eat through brochure and online website. Our business will provide convenience for students.

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