Travel Brochure Assignment

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Name: Date: Subject: Travel Brochure or Front Page Assignment (Instruction sheet) Objectives: Students will demonstrate ability to write a paragraph in Step-Up format Students will practice research skills in the media center Students will identify with and research information on a specific desert Students will describe characteristics of a desert Students will create travel page/brochure about a world desert Students will utilize mapping skills to locate their desert You have just been promoted as top travel journalist at the Rocky Mountain News. Your editor wants to make the most of your creative skills by assigning oh a unique task.

You are to create the front page of the travel section on one of the great deserts of the world. Like any other assignment, your editor has established firm requirements for which you must follow. These requirements are as followed: Once you have decided on the desert for which you are writing you must locate and document the general latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates and include which continent it is in. Creatively describe the terrain and physical geography a traveler would encounter and any information on animals and plants they might see.

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When researching your project, you should pep track of the resources used to find your information. I will expect note cards to be turned in with your brochure citing the websites, books, magazines, or other resources used to derive your information. You must use a separate resource for each note card. Your front page must be accompanied with a map outlining the continent your desert is in along with a shaded area illustrating your desert. All other illustrations are welcome and highly encouraged. Keep in mind that as a journalist you have an obligation to think of a “catchy”‘ title or heading for your front page.

It should be unique, and apply to the desert for which you are writing. Your front page should be a minimum of 3 well-written paragraphs (5 sentences each). You may type or handwrite your page with the expectation that handwritten work is in pen and is clearly legible. Your work may not be written on notebook paper but rather neatly transcribed on construction paper (distributed in class). Remember who your audience is (you may want to read a column from the travel section of the paper to get an idea). Feel free to add any illustrations you deem necessary to enhance your page.

Bonus: Given your promotion, you now have the opportunity to go above and beyond. You may include a separate paragraph on any historical information pertinent to your desert. For example, the Attackable Desert in Western Asia fostered part of the infamous Silk Road, which linked European and Asian cultures… Etc. You have been given a rubric outlining your expectations. This rubric will enable you to see exactly what you need to do in order to produce the best front page.

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