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There are 27 agencies all over the Britain and Ireland and the headquarters is settled in London. The services provided by Trailside are: tours, cruises, flights, car hire, and hotels. These services are segmented in different types of holidays: luxury holidays, fly drive, beach holidays, safari, bespoke tourism, small group adventure, great rail Journeys and many other great experiences. There are many geographical regions for a tourist to choose from: Australia, America, China, New Zealand, Sir Lankan, Africa, India, Europe, Japan, Russia, Canada, Mauritius, Maldives and so many other destinations.

In 1994 some Trailside agencies were opened in Australia but after seven years were closed because they were not profitable and the only solution was to retreat them from the travel and tourism market. This company remained unique on its market because it keeps its traditional way of selling services. It is one of the few bodies that do not sell via internet. A holiday can be booked with Trailside only by phone or in a shop street. They think that for providing the perfect tourist products, a meeting face to face with a travel agent is necessary.

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In their opinion, when a loudly is booked on the internet cannot cover all the client’s needs because it is an impersonal action. A customer it can’t be sure if the chosen holiday from the internet can be the dreamed one. Trailside holidays are custom made according with a personal analysis of each client. Each customer is treated in a preferential way. This company is designed for wealthy or at least with medium incomes persons who like luxurious holidays where they can spend the best time with all the necessary conditions.

Task 1 Marketing represents all the institutions, processes and activities for producing, informing, delivering and swapping valuable offers for clients, associations or society (American Marketing Association, 2007). There are the following identifiable concepts in marketing: need, want, demand, item, exchange, quality and value, satisfaction, relationships, transaction and market. A need is the primal conditions that constrain a person to take some actions. The need can be for food, water, shelter, love, etc. A want is the need expression.

After a person express herself about wanting an item and he is got the necessary funds for it that becomes a demand. Without having enough money, a person cannot make a demand. This is in a restrained connection with the financial power of the client. The travel and tourism industry exists because of the people’s need for relaxation. This is a need. When a client goes in a trailside agency and asks information about a holiday in America, this is a want. After the available financial resources of the client, can cover the cost of the holiday, a demand is produced.

The item is the supplied service, in our case, a holiday to America. The product’s value represents the difference between the spending made on a product ND the benefits of using it. For Trailside customers, the biggest claim is the quality. Their will is to pay as much as is necessary for a high class service. The quality represents all the particularities of an item, from which, a client gets benefits. Trailside looks after its clients and tries to offer them all the expected satisfaction. If this won’t happen, then the customers will look in another place for tourism services.

Because Trailside offers a face to face conciliation, a customer is expecting to find a well trained interlocutor, able to guess his dreams. Usually, long ERM relationships are settled between Trailside agents and their customers. This happens because the agent gets to know very well his clients, his behavior and hobbies. When two persons are switching items between them, we can talk about an exchange and if those item are valuable and the exchange is between a seller and a buyer, in marketing, the action is called transaction.

Every time when Trailside sells a holiday package, a transaction is made between the tourism agent who offers the service and the future tourist, who pays money for it. I will give as example the purchase of a holiday to Australia. The customer need a holidays and he want to go to Australia. After he is sure that he’s got enough money for it, he goes to a Trailside agency and after a long discussion with a travel agent, the purchase is made. The travel agent offers him the desired holiday in exchange of a certain amount of money. Because the values were changed, a transaction took place.

Both customer and seller are happy because the exchanged item brings benefits, money for the company’s profit and holiday for customer’s satisfaction. The PESTLE examinations was invented by marketers in order to discovery the lattice, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors that can have a direct influence for tourism industry. Political factors are very important for a country with tourist potential. Most of the people travel for leisure and fun and all this can be satisfied only in a country where there is no danger.

The political stability satisfies this state. In a country where is war, the demand for tourism doesn’t exist. Trailside doesn’t offer products in dangerous countries like the ones from Middle East. The economic factors have the biggest influence in tourism. Only an available budget can make possible the tourist action. Also, the world’s economy makes its presence felt in tourism industry. Because of the crisis, in Britain, many tourists chose to go in destinations nearby their houses, because it is cheaper. The social factors can influence the type of the holiday prefers.

A newly weeds will chose a holiday form the section called “Honeymoons”, and a single person will look after a holiday, especial created for him, where are only single persons, no couples or families. The technological might influence tourism industry especially because of he internet. A holiday purchase became easier, at any time in the day or night and from any available device. Whatsoever, Trailside demonstrated that not only if you are selling on internet can bring a company’s success. There are no available online options for products provides by this company.

The only way for buying a holiday from them is by phone or in a street shop. The environmental factors can affect tourism demand but there are a couple of particular cases. Of course that it is very important the environment but there are situations like a nuclear disaster Fuchsia, Japan, 2011) when the demand for tourism in the affected area is reduced to minimum. The legal factors might represent a couple of laws that diminished a tourist’s interest regarding a certain destination. An example is in Arabic countries where strict laws are imposed against the guy people with sentences like death.

C Mass marketing was a concept used in the past by companies where all the clients were treated with the same product. In modern days, this strategy is not available anymore. Each tourist has some particularities and this is the reason why the modern marketers invented marketing segmentation. Each segment represents a group of tourist with some common characteristics and needs. Marketing segments are: geographic, demographic, behavioral and cryptographic. The Geographic segmentation represents a group of clients with SE same chosen location.

A travel company can take into consideration the travel destination or the home location. The demographic segmentation divides clients according with their age, income, genre, family constitution, Job, religion, nationality and education. A family with at least one child, will chose as a holiday destination, a proper place for a child, where are hematite parks or educational attractions. The behavioral segmentation represents a client attitude regarding the provided services. There are loyal customers who will be rewarded by offers and bonuses.

Strategic marketing plan is “the process of developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the organization’s goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities. “(Kettle & Armstrong, 2012). In marketing there are strategies special created for a company who will pay for them. These are particular and exclusive. The final target of a strategic marketing plan is to offer on the market, what the buyers deed and to get profit on it. There are a few steps that need to be purchase in order to build a strategy. First of all an objective should be settled.

After this is done, the external and internal environment of the questioned company needs to be analyzed with SOOT method. After the examination is finished, a plan needs to be build and introduced. This is always supervises by the marketing manager. The final results have to be checked for any mistakes, which might be corrected afterwards. For a company to have the most convenient marketing strategy, its weaknesses and detergents have to be taken into consideration. This strategy can help a company to achieve all the settled objectives.

Trailside has his own advantages in front of the competitors and a strategic marketing plan can help it to develop them. All the company’s advantages will be revealed and used for the company’s benefits. “Marketing research is systematic problem analysis, model building and fact-finding for the purpose of improved decision-king and control in the marketing of goods and services. “(Kettle & Armstrong, 2012). Marketing research is a very important tool used by tourism managers. It offers ideas on what are the needs and the expectation of a client.

Also, by this concept, it is revealed the client’s attitude towards certain situations. The final purpose is to have a happy and satisfied customer. Marketing research engagement is to collect precious information about the competitors and the tourist’s tastes. After all this are gathered, are filtered and analyzed and according with the obtained result, the company will decide with segment is the most convenient to work with. Trailside main quality is to build personal holiday packages, based on human connections.

Consumer marketing represents purchases made by a person, a family or a group, in order to satisfy their needs. In tourism industry, consumers are the ones who make this industry to work. Their demands are the most important factors which make the tourism possible. A basic need cannot be influenced by any market strategy, but marketers can influence the customer perception concerning a product. For example, if a person wants a particular holiday and a marketer presents other options, at a better price, than the first choice can be replaced by the second one.

From a vast experience, a marketer knows which are the common needs of a client and tries to develop certain products. The concept of marketing mix is used by companies who want to make their products more advantageous and pleasing to customers. The marketing mix is known as the four AS, price, product, promotion and place, but an improvement extended the concept in 7 AS, being added process, people and physical process. The product is a good or a service provided by a company, for customer’s use. In a travel agency, and especially Trailside, the product available is a holiday package, with different characteristics.

Usually, travel agencies have more than one product available, accordingly with the market demand. The price is the first tools that can make a purchasing possible. It represent the amount of money spent by a client for a chosen product. Trailside is a company addressed to wealthy people, with a big budget available. The demand for tourism actions depends directly on the price. This can be changed form a season to another. The promotion is a strategy build in order to keep the client’s interest alive. Usually, big companies offer promotion for the most loyal clients or in different seasons.

This is available for a number of tourists. The place is the activity of a company, where the products are available for the customers. Being a traditional company, the place where Trailside exercised its action is represented by the 27 shop open in Britain and Ireland. The best place for selling a product is the internet but Trailside consider that only a personal consultation can bring the perfect holiday for a client. A total tourism product is the sum of all the services and good used by a tourist during his holiday.

The basic need is represented by food and drink, shelter and remonstration. Some of the wealthy tourist prefer more than this principal needs and for them, Trailside provides luxurious holidays with many other options like spa, massage, sauna, gym or entertainment. A total tourism product it can be find with the name of “all inclusive”. In Europe, there are famous countries like Greece, Bulgaria or Spain where this type of products is very common. It is cheaper for tour operators to provide the total tourism product and it is affordable for clients with a medium budget. A concept of marketing communications planning that recognizes the added value of comprehensive plan that evaluates the strategic roles of a variety of communications disciplines-for example, general advertising, direct response, sales promotion and public relations-and combines these disciplines to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum communications’ impact through the seamless integration of discrete messages. “(Phillip Kettle, 2010) This concept is represented by all the communication channels between a seller and a buyer. The addressed message should be clear and prCICS in order to provide correct information.

With this process help, it is build a known brand. A company has to transmit its advantages and to get client’s attention. There are a couple of tools used for this: Fig 4. 1 Integrated marketing communication (http://www. Sales-and-marketing-for- you. Com) Personal selling is a tool used by Trailside. It means the process of selling an item, face to face, without the help of any technological factors. The transaction is made in person, between the client and the travel agent. When a company sells Just online, than a personal selling can be possible only in a tourism fairy tale, where it has a stand.

Public relations are very important for a company who wants to have satisfied and loyal clients. Most of the tourism companies provide a telephone line only for clients who need information are who wants to make a complaint or a special demand. By advertising, a brand is made known on the market. There are a couple of ways for promoting bodies: television and radio ads, flyers, brochures, etc. There are specialized companies who build personalized ideas and strategy for a company who pays for all this services. Sales promotions are short term offers, provided by companies.

This can be money discounts or extra services for free. This promotion purpose is to bring financial benefits to the company by increasing of sold products. Direct marketing it is a tool used by companies, in establishing relationships with their customers. In this way, they are kept up to date with available promotions and new entries. Trailside sends newsletter to all its customers. B Trailside use an MIMIC where the channel is represented by the direct contact between parts. It is a company with traditional customs and which doesn’t believe in the concept of online selling.

They products are personified on each client needs, without any exception. This is the reason that the main customers are from a high social class. They keep a close relationship with the clients because when somebody enters in a Trailside tourism agency, it will be asked personal questions in order to reveal all his or her necessities and pleasures. Additional with the direct communication, it is used the indirect one, via e-mail, post or phone. The most loyal customers receive nice promotions or gifts because Trailside wants to show that they respect and reward their customers.

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