Operations Research Assignment

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What is the optimal assignment? 3. Wilson Distributors, Inc. Is opening two new sales territories in the western states. Three individuals currently selling in the Midwest and the East are being considered for promotion to regional sales manager positions in the new sales territories. Management has estimated total annual sales (in thousands of dollars) for the assignment of each individual to each sales territory. The management sales projections are as follows: Sales Region Regional Managers Northwest Southwest Boston $100 $95 McMahon $ 85 $80 Miller $ 90 $75

Formulate and solve a linear programming model to obtain the optimal solution. 4. Fowled Marketing Research has four project leaders available for assignment to four clients. Find the assignment of project leaders to clients that will minimize the total time to complete all projects. The estimated project completion times in days are as follows: Clients Terry 10 1599 Carla 9 1858 Uncommonly 6 14 3 7 Felinely 8 1669 5. Adirondack Paper Mills, Inc. Has paper plants in Augusta, Maine and Topper Lake, New York. Warehouse facilities are located in Albany, New York, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Distributors are located in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. The plant capacities and distributor demands for the next month are as follows: Capacity Demand Plant (units) Distributor (UN its) Augusta 300 Boston 150 Tipper Lake 100 New York 100 Philadelphia 150 The unit transportation costs ($) for shipments from the two plants to the two warehouses and from the two warehouses to the three distributors are as follows: Warehouse Distributor Plant Albany Portsmouth Warehouse Boston New York Philadelphia Augusta 7 5 Albany 8 5 7 Tipper Lake 3 4 Portsmouth 5 6 10 a.

Draw the network representation of the Adirondack Paper Mills problem. B. Formulate the Adirondack Paper Mills problem as a linear programming problem. C. Determine the minimum-cost shipping schedule for the problem. 6. Consider a transshipment problem consisting of three origin nodes, two transshipment nodes, and four destination nodes. The supplies at the origin nodes and the demands at the destination nodes are as follows.

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