Interactions Between Christianity and Islam Assignment

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Throughout the time of the SSI dynasty, the peasants developed several palaces, cities (for example: Laying) and also constructed the Grand Canal, which helped unite China’s economy by becoming an Important route for shipping projects between northern and southern china. They also helped reconstruct the Great Wall in order to keep out the invaders. The Byzantine empire, which was very innovative as well, also benefited from high levels of commerce. As the peasants and slaves farmed, using several new Inventions to increase their produce, the bureaucracy regulated their trade and food prices.

Although the SSI dynasty was more dominant in Innovating, both them and the Byzantines used new inventions and devices to advance themselves. The reason that both of these places, even though far apart from each other, share this trait because all nations use innovations to improve upon themselves and become major power players in the world. The SSI dynasty was very concerned with the education of Confucian scholar gentry and state officials. The ruler of the SSI dynasty revived the examination system which was helpful when appointing state officials Into the bureaucracy. It tested the intellect and knowledge of the officials.

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He devoted most resources to the Confucian education made sure there were high levels of academic training of Confucian classics in state officials. On the other hand, the Byzantine was more concerned with building their empire upon the Christian church. The empire was to be ordained by God and was considered almost divine. The court rituals symbolized the key aspects of the government structure, the religion of Christianity, and the state was in charge of appointing the heads of the church. The fact that the Byzantine formation has to do with the fall of Rome and rebuilding in

Constantinople, a major religious center, while Ski’s formation had to do with conquest and determination to rule set them apart from each other. The Byzantine empire had more to build from than the Soul, since they rebuilt themselves from their because they were Just rebuilding their capital in a different place while the Ski’s were fighting and conquering for their land. SSI and Byzantine both advanced themselves with the use of peoples of different class and innovations. Byzantine was built upon religion while SSI was built upon intellect and academics in the bureaucracy.

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