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The conversion to Islam in Africa was beneficial because it helped improve the relations between the Muslim march ants and the African merchants. This was also beneficial because goods, knowledge, as well as religion was traded in the trade routes Of Subhuman West Africa and the Mi idle East. However, both the Middle East and West Africa had different opinions of what they wanted to do with their thriving economies. The Middle East was experiencing arbitration, which was when people had started to move from rural areas to ore urban areas. (I . E Cities. In Africa, they wanted to transform their towns into chi ties to expand. Because of the boost in trade, these two regions were able to be beck mom more knowledgeable about new goods as well as religion. They were also able to ex panda their trade routes by creating cities/towns. Islam was practiced differently in West Africa than it was in the Middle East. Although both believed in Allah, the West Africans incorporated their beliefs a ND traditions into Islam. Even though there were Muslim kings in West Africa, the y did not Orca their kingdom to convert to Islam.

In the Middle East, if they weren’t Mum slims, they were called Dimmit. The rulers also did not force Islam onto Dimmit, however r, a tax called the jazzy, was created for these people to pay because they were not M slim. This also helped the spread of Islam because since people did not want to pay this tax, they converted to Islam. However, even though they converted, they did not f Lully accept the religion. Even though Islam was practiced differently in Africa, it still remain Ned the most popular religion in the region.

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Islam was not forced upon people, although ugh the tax and encouragement was what made muslins convert, even if some did n to fully commit to the religion. Lastly, education in the two regions were both able to be expanded due to trap as stated above. Since goods and knowledge were able to be traded, many en technologies, literature, math, and art were introduced. Technologies such as the compass, painting, printing, writing systems, tools, math, medicine, etc. Were advancements that were introduced to West Africa and the Middle East.

How ever, even Change 2 though subhuman West Africa did have advancements in technology and an ledge, theirs was not as big as compared to the Middle East. Cities such as dorsally capital city, Baghdad, became very advanced in technology and knowledge, at tracing scholars from all over the world, eager to find new and more advancements mathematics and science.

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