Einstines Dreams: Happiness in Segregation theme Assignment

Einstines Dreams: Happiness in Segregation theme Assignment Words: 653

From the outside looking in, Inequality is easy to spot. From the inside looking out, a different story is told. Einstein Dreams, by Alan Lightning, is composed of many short vignettes depicting Einstein different theories of time. Each vignette is a world with different circumstances of time, for example in one world time flows backwards, in another time is a circle and individuals of that particular world are endlessly repeating themselves.

Two of Einstein dreams in particular, April 26th 1905 and June 9th 1905, are two worlds of seemingly great inequality due to how time affects both worlds but does this make its inhabitants unhappy? Lightning uses both of these vignettes to show even in a divided world, people can still choose their own happiness. April 26th 1905 Einstein dreams of a world where time flows slower the farther away one is from the center of the earth. Most of its inhabitants live in the mountains, and even put their houses on stilts. Height is a status, the higher up one ivies, the slower they will age.

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On occasion urgent business would force people to climb down from their homes, which they would do so haste. Each moment they are on the ground they will age a little more quickly so they were always running. Very few inhabitants of this world spent most of their time on the ground level, but those who do are very happy and content with their lives. They lay back, enjoy the scenery, and scoff at the people who rush by them. Taking their time and enjoying the warmer climates is what makes them happy even though they knew they were aging a little aster.

The people who live in the high altitudes breath in thinner air and live on sparing diets, which end up making them bony and old before their time. Because of this, despite their efforts, everyone ages the same in the end. Both types of inhabitants are content with their lifestyle choices, and wouldn’t want to live their lives any other way. This Just goes to show that even though this world is divided, both types of inhabitants have found their own happiness. On June 9th 1905 Einstein dreams of a world in which people live forever but are vided into two populations: the Latter and the Knows.

Latter are in no rush to do anything, they like to sit at cafe??s and discuss the possibilities of life. In endless time all things can eventually be accomplished, which in the Latter opinion means that all things can wait. The Knows realize that with infinite time they can do everything and anything they imagine. They are constantly learning new languages, reading new books, or studying new trades. One thing that both the Latter and Knows have in common is that with infinite life comes an infinite list of relatives.

When making any decision in life they must consult their parents, who then consult their parents, and so on. No person is truly free, which is a cost of immortality. Based on this principle some have determined that the only way to live is to die. The Latter and the Knows live their lives so differently, although divided, each type of inhabitants finds happiness in their choice of life style. Different ways of living ones life causes segregation in these worlds’ populations, although unintentional, there are distinct preferences in in each type of inhabitants.

Alan Lightning used these vignettes to show that although there is obvious segregation, people choose their own way of life. These divisions of populations are neither negative nor positive, simply people finding their individual happiness. With no negative connotation to the word “segregation” in these worlds, everyone is equal and there is no social hierarchy. Thus leading to equality in what looks like inequality.

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