Islam and Abbasid Caliphate Assignment

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What happened as a result of Hussy’s death? 11. Who are the All al-Sauna wall-Jam’s, or Sunnis for short? 12. List 5 regions/ countries conquered by the Muslim caliphs. 13. What caused the unrest that led to the fall of the Mayday caliphate? 14. Why was the Biased period called a “golden age”? 15. Why did the Biased caliphate decline in power? 16. After failing to reform their government and military, the Biased Caliphate fell under the influence whom? 7. Who were the llama? 18. Describe the change in economy, government involvement in religious matters, and population during the reign of the Shells Turks. 19. What did the Haiti deal with? And what was a problem with the Haiti? 20. What did conversion to Islam entail? 21 . How did urban growth help the countryside? And what were some of the main crops grown? 22. What helped facilitate long-distance trade and integrate rural areas into the economy? 23. Who influenced Muslim science and technology? And what were 3 major scientific advancements of Bin al-Hathaway? 24.

Describe 4 aspects of the life of urban women. Shiites Muslims belonging to the branch of Islam believing that God vests leadership of the community in a descendant of Muhammad son-in-law All. Shim’s is the state religion of Iran. (See also Sunnis. ) (up. 197, 496) Sunnis Muslims belonging to branch of Islam believing that the community should select its own leadership. The majority religion in most Islamic countries. Mecca City in western Arabia; birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad, and ritual center of the Islamic religion. Muhammad (570-632 c. E. ) Arab prophet; founder of religion of Islam. . 199) Mammals Under the Islamic system of military slavery, Trick military slaves who formed an important part of the armed forces of the Biased Caliphate of the ninth and tenth centuries. Mammals eventually founded their own state, ruling Egypt and Syria (1250-1517). Islam Religion expounded by the Prophet Muhammad (570-632 C. E. ) on the basis of his reception of divine revelations, which were collected after his death into the Quern. In the tradition of Judaism and Christianity, and sharing much of their lore, Islam calls on all people to recognize one creator god??

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Allah??who rewards or punishes believers after death according to how they led their lives. Medina City in western Arabia to which the Prophet Muhammad and his followers emigrated in 622 to escape persecution in Mecca. (p. 201) mama The community of all Muslims. A major innovation against the background of seventh-century Arabia, where traditionally kinship rather than faith had determined membership in a community. (p. 201) caliphate Office established in succession to the Prophet Muhammad, to rule the Islamic empire; also the name of that empire. Quern Book composed of divine revelations made to the

Prophet Muhammad between ca. 610 and his death in 632; the sacred text of the religion of Islam. Mayday Caliphate First hereditary dynasty of Muslim caliphs (661 to 750). From their capital at Damascus, the Maydays ruled an empire that extended from Spain to India. Overthrown by the Biased Caliphate. Biased Caliphate Descendants of the Prophet Muhammad uncle, al-Baas, the Basics overthrew the Mayday Caliphate and ruled an Islamic empire from their capital in Baghdad (founded 762) from 750 to 1258. Muslim An adherent of the Islamic religion; a person who submits” (in Arabic, Islam means “submission”) to the will of God. P. 201) Ghana First known kingdom in sub-Sahara West Africa between the sixth and thirteenth centuries C. E. Also the modern West African country once known as the Gold Coast. llama Muslim religious scholars. From the ninth century onward, the primary interpreters of Islamic law and the social core of Muslim urban societies. Haiti A tradition relating the words or deeds of the Prophet Muhammad; next to the Quern, the most important basis for Islamic law. Free Response Focus Questions: Answer these questions in a 5-7 sentence paragraph. In your own words.

Do not simply copy from the book and memorize the response. 1 . Explain how Islam was able to spread from Spain to India in a relatively short amount of time, dominating a wide range of territories and societies. 2. Compare and contrast the Mayday and Biased caliphates, particularly regarding religion, politics and military. 3. Describe the evolution of Islamic cultural and economic development. What was its impact on Europe? 4. What does the chapter reveal about the status of Muslim women? Compare the status of Muslim women with the status of women in other parts of the world at that time.

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