Hinduism and Rainy Season Assignment

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Rainy season is much awaited n India, in northern part of the country specially, because of warm and dull summers. In India, in summers, temperature goes up to 470 C (about 1 OFF). There’s a deadly warm wind blowing whole day as well, which is called “Lo” in North and West of India. And daytime in summer means try to be indoors. South and east India are luckier that west and north India in case of getting rain. After 3 months of hot summer, when the rain drops touch the ground, it naturally feels like life is back. Environment goes greener and greener. And this is start of the season of festivals of

Hinduism. For 3 months of summer, farmers have nothing to do but rainy brings them back to their Job and this is start of new academic year in schools and colleges. This is time of celebration and Joy. With a lush green environment. And beginning of a series of Hindu festivals and occasions one after another. My city, Bananas (or Binaries or Varnish), one of most sacred place for Hinduism and Buddhism, enjoys this season a lot. Savanna (or Caravans) month according to the Hindu calendar is dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva. And Bananas is city dedicated to Shiva.

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The city is sized while month with religious activities and fairs. The month of Savanna is seen a month of romance as well. The next month Behead (Or Phaedra) gets heavy rain too. And the series of religious festival is continued in this month also. Before the month Savanna, there is month Ashram which is beginning of the monsoon. Ashram get heavy rain which fulfils the earth with water. After Behead, it’s almost end of this season with some rain. Then country prepares for the winters. The rainy season can be said the most important season for India; since it decides how much rain different arts of the country gets.

Some places have drought, some places have floods, and some places have both in same year. Monsoon is responsible for deciding the fate of farmers here because agriculture is so much depended on monsoon. So this season decides if farmers are going to have good year or bad. In north and west India, most of the rain of whole year comes in this season and rest of year can be quite dry. So water sources has to be filled in this season as well. That’s why I’m this much eager to have rain. While writing these lines, I was really lost in the fantasies of the monsoon.

I love the evenings of rainy season when there are different beautiful designs of clouds appear in the sky in different colors. And the little wet and sweet breeze (and something yummier to eat). But alas, I see no cloud outside my window. Recent years haven’t been good for monsoon. It has become more uncertain. And this year no sign of its arrival so far. But we are very hope full. 🙂 Last year in dull summer, while fantasizing about rainy, I decided to compose a New Age music track for Monsoon. Personally, this track pushes me fantasy whenever I listen. You can have a try too :

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