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There are Indians that are now asserted that the Western analysis of Hinduism that’s been carried on by outsiders who have been biased against the Indian culture, r those who are presumed that all of the religions can be studied according to Western religious categories (peg. 71). The Hindu word “dharma” is often translated into English as “religion”, which refers to a broader complex of the meanings, which in turn encompasses the duty, natural law, social welfare, ethics, health, wealth, power, fulfillment of desires, and the transcendental realization (peg. 1). Looking into Hinduism further, it is not easily separated fully from other dharma traditions that eave been arisen in India that includes Buddhism, Jansenism, and Schism, because there has been an extensive cross-pollination among them (peg. 71). Hinduism has spiritual expressions that range from extreme asceticism to an extreme sensuality that come from the heights of personal devotion to a deity to the heights of an abstract philosophy (peg. 1), from both the metaphysical proclamations of the oneness behind the material world to the worship of images that represent a multiplicity of deities (peg. 71). Some people claim that one is “born a Hindu”, while here are other people that are Hindu that are of a non-Lillian descent and some claim that it has its core feature in a belief of an impersonal Supreme. However, there are other important strands that have been long described and worshipped as a personal God.

There are many outsiders that criticize Hindus as being polytheistic, but some people claim it to be monotheistic. Hindus define orthodoxy as a compliance with the teachings of the Vided texts, which are the four Veda with their supplements. Although, there are others who identify their tradition with Assonant Dharma, which is the eternal order of conduct By bookbinder scholars that draw attention to the caste system as its defining feature, but then there are several Hindus that view these practices as merely a social phenomenon, or an aberration of their original teachings.

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Hinduism has affected the culture of the region in big ways, with the reasons for poverty, division, fighting, segregation, and the corruption in the Indian society has been because of the way Hinduism has an impact on the society. The Hinduism caste yester has left a majority of the people in India in poverty, ignorance, and suppression, while also leaving many uneducated. This has caused many fighting’s and blood being shed, and having no morals when it comes to the respect of being honest and truthful.

Besides the caste system, there are also social anomalies that have developed with Hinduism and the country of India. There has been an increased recognition of social abuse that has been promoted to the ideas of reform. One way of social influence on Hinduism is poverty, which Hinduism has noninsured it virtuous to voluntarily accept in an uncomplicated life for its spiritual purposes. There are many different views on wealth, poverty, and success, which the West has been prone to hastily dismiss the socio-religious practice as being backward and irrelevant.

Another way is the role that women have which is stressed with Hinduism because it is important in having a stable family, the family ties, and the value and protection of women. Reincarnation is the teaching of the soul leaving the dead body and then entering a new one (peg. 77). This makes one take birth again and again in countless bodies, whether it is as an animal or some other life form, however, the self remains the same

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