Totalitarianism in Animal Farm Assignment

Totalitarianism in Animal Farm Assignment Words: 557

Because there are many extractions for people in those communities, many of them prefer immigration instead of living in these societies, and others would prefer struggling against authority totalitarian to get freedom. In story “Animals Farm” by George Orwell the two main characters want to change their lives; therefore, they faced many challenges to make those hard decisions be able to become true. Comparing between these characters, both of these characters Boxer and Benjamin considered Rebels against injustice.

Even though the character boxer has some flaws, find it a more likeable character. The story is about animals suffered from owner of farm. Jones, who is a farmer and the owner of Manor Farm, faced financial challenges in management of farm. Jones was drunkard, so he lost everything. The owner of farm treated with these animals cruelly; therefore, they decided to throw out the owner, hoping live without abuse. Benjamin, who represents a donkey character, faced many challenges to change his live for better. He is one of wisest animals on the farm.

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He can read well. Even he read better than other animals; however, he rarely uses his ability. Benjamin feels that there is nothing worth reading. Even though he loves his friend, Boxer, he didn’t do anything when new deader Napoleon sends Boxer to slaughterhouse. That was negative attitude toward his close friend. In the story, “Animal Farm,” Boxer, who represents a horse character, faced many challenge to change his live for better. Boxer loves all the animals in the farm; therefore, he was lovable for many animals in the farm.

He took care with them. Because he has a good muscles, he helped them to build Windmill. He works overtime. Indeed, he works on behalf of his colleagues. Boxer was brave, for he fought enemies. He continues to defend on his Principles and beliefs until he dead. All his friends on the farm respected and Ovid him because he has positive attitude toward his friends. When comparing Boxer and Benjamin, I cannot help like Boxer more because of his physically strong. Both characters want to change their lives.

In Boxers case, he wants to help to success the revolution, so he be able to live a rest of his life respectfully; therefore, he works so hard to reach his goals. In Benjamin case, he also wants to show same boxer’s goals which makes him live respectfully, but he did not work hard to reach his targets. Boxer is physically strong, hardworking and In contrast, Boxer has a good ability to face same those situations. It is this ability to face the challenges that I admire with Boxer.

From the beginning Of the Story, we can recognize him between many characters in the story because he has made the decision to build Windmill, That is beneficial to the animals in the farm, for it he will wake up every day morning early before one hour from his friends. Thinking he would help them every day. Indeed, he works too much seven days a week in lifting heavy stones. In the end, he completes to build the windmill. He was happy to accept the challenge. Then, he started to build the windmill. Now a day, he reached his target.

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