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In. Be Moved. ” This slogan was seen as more than just an advertising tagging, it was a brand promise. One of the first actions Donor took was to develop a campaign to reposition the Protege s model for 1999. The new advertising strategy for the Protege called for positioning it as a cool and fun-to-drive vehicle for young, independent females. To launch repositioning campaign for the Protege, Donor developed television commercials, and extended the publicity of the car to the Internet with “the world’s largest online automotive launch party’ with banner ads on different web sites.

Travelers could enter a weepiest to win a new Protege and play trivia games supplied by the game show site uproar. Mazda also mailed a CD-ROOM with music, movie reviews and interviews to people who requested more information while visiting the Protege web site. The MIMIC program was extended to dealer showrooms by developing point-of-purchase cubes that used the same imagery and tonality as the television and print messages. The MIMIC program was extremely successful in repositioning the Protege and attracting young buyers.

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In 2001, the “Zoom-Zoom” message was showed in all models and new commercials were developed, like the ‘V’/here is it written that only a ports car can behave like a sports car? Related to the Protege. In 2002, Mazda introduced the EMPHASIZED Protege, this model would attract more male buyers. According to Mamma’s vice president of product strategy and development, this models (EMPHASIZED) are the ultimate expression of Mazda performance, and that the car takes factory-tuned sport- compact performance to the extreme.

The MAZDA was the most critical new product launched by the brand in 2003; this car would attract consumers in the mid-ass with an active lifestyle. The advertising strategy used for the MAZDA was similar to the Protege. The ads still used the “Zoom-zoom” strategy but with a more confident feel. The promotional strategy used to the MAZDA used integrated communication program, print advertising, ads present on magazines and newspapers. Mazda also signed a marketing deal with ESP. to advertise on the MAZDA in different media like the SPENT, radio, internet, and restaurants.

The MIMIC program for the MAZDA also includes an extensive publicity campaign, direct mail, and the use of interactive media such as online advertising, CD-Rooms, and a mini-web site on www. Mazda. Com. The MIMIC were very important to highlight the feathers of both cars and to attract consumers, and so, get a higher profit for the brand. Nowadays, Internet, magazines, and TV are extremely important to attract consumers showing the products through commercials and ads.

If we open a magazine, we ‘ II find different types of ads for cars, because people actually read magazines frequently, turn on the TV every day and use the Internet almost all day. 2. Evaluate Mamma’s decision to drop the “Get In. Be Moved’ tagging for the Protege and adopt the “Zoom-zoom” theme for its advertising. I think was very important to change the tagging for the Protege, dropping the “Get In. Be Moved” and adopting the “Zoom-zoom” theme. Time passes, consumers change their opinions and their ‘tastes”, and it’ s really important for the brands to innovate, change, make something different, because that ‘ s what consumers look for.

This new theme would appeal for adult consumers with desires to drive fun cars. With the tagging “Zoom-Zoom”, Mazda started to add music and other effects in their commercials. I find curious the fact that the brand din ‘t just change the tagging, in 2002, there was still commercials with both tastiness; only later, the “Get In. Be Moved” was dropped. I think the “Zoom-zoom” is a simple but powerful tagging, the “Get In. Be Moved” was a really good tagging, but too explicit, the new tagging is recent, modern.

And the “Zoom-Zoom” tagging was everything Mazda was looking for to create a DNA of the brand, presented in ads and commercials. 3. Evaluate the strategy Mazda is using to advertise the new MAZDA sports sedan. Do you agree with the decision to use a more mature and less playful approach for the MAZDA? Agree with the decision to use a more mature and less playful approach for the MAZDA. The commercials for the new MAZDA are designed to be more “grown up”, and all this approach is designed to position the car as a refined, Porto alternative to the Toyota Campy, Ionians Ultimate, and Honda Accord.

The new MAZDA was not a playful car designed for young adults who wanted to drive fun-cars, it was a serious car, elegant design for mature people, and also to compete with other cars listed above. The young boy that appeared in the protogg’s commercials was removed but the “Zoom-zoom” tagging was kept, because that s the true essence of the car brand. 4. What recommendations would you make to Mazda regarding its integrated marketing com inactions strategy as the company moves forward? In my opinion, it’s crucial for car brands to be innovative, different, with new theaters in their cars, and with appellative commercials and ads.

Basically, the innovation needs to be constant because that ‘ s what consumers want, something new, different than the other cars they used before. With the advance of technology and knowledge, brands need to follow that advance, and bring new, beautiful, and innovative products, that’s the best way to make profit in 2015.

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