Advertising- Sell and Spin: a History of Advertising Assignment

Advertising- Sell and Spin: a History of Advertising Assignment Words: 500

The Coca-Cola Company has had such great success with advertising that the second most recognized words or phrase on earth is, in fact, “Coca-Cola. ” This was extremely surprising to me because Coca-Cola is an American brand of soda that has had such successful sales and ads that it has become popular world-wide. A major factor of Coca Cola’s success if its advertisements that can be seen everywhere, from billboards to famous TV commercials that are watched on Youth. Without advertising. The Coca- Cola Company would not be as successful as it is today.

Another aspect of the history of advertising that intrigued me was how much more power the icon in the advertisement had over what was actually being advertised. Icons are widely recognized and associated with their one product. For example, Tony the Tiger, created by Leo Burnett, is both widely recognize and associated with Frosted Flakes. Another great way of advertising is adding jingles. As a little girl, I did not realize how many advertisement jingles I had stuck in my head, which therefore allowed me to constantly be thinking about certain products without even realizing.

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To this day still know Tony the Tiger’s Frosted Flakes jingle by heart. One of my favorite commercials was Christian Door’s Miss Dior Cheerier perfume commercial directed by Sofia Copula. A thirty second film about a young girl wandering the streets of Paris in haute couture made me want to feel like was wandering the streets of Paris in haute couture, too. So of course, went and bought a bottle of the perfume and have been enjoying the scent ever since. Every time I smell the perfume on my wrist, remember the commercial.

The use of a personality or icon in advertising is so effective cause consumers can relate to the icon more than the product. It makes advertising more personal. Another type of advertising that was interesting was Roster Reeves’ suggestion of utilizing JSP (Unique Selling Proposition) to emphasize the ways in which the brand is better than a competing brand. One commercial that comes to mind is a Quizzing commercial. Quizzing’ competing sandwich shop is Subway. Remember specifically in the commercial that the voice said not to go to “Wrongly” and listed reasons why their sandwiches were better.

I found it quite interesting and hilarious that Quizzing was talking bout Subway in a less than subtle way. Advertisements such as these make a mark in the consumer’s mind and, if intriguing enough, can stay there for a long time just like the Frosted Flakes jingle. Watching Sell and Spin: A History’ of Advertising has taught me a lot of interesting information about advertising and how it has developed over the years. There is so much information about how advertising really works and how it truly captures the mind of the consumer through creativity, which is exactly why I was drawn to advertising from the beginning.

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