Factory Pollution Assignment

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Factories, while producing industry and food for human consumption, contribute to the pollution of the environment. The waste that results from factory production often ends up in the soil and subsequently in streams and rivers. Waste also contaminates the air, contributing to smog, poor air quality and acid rain. Waste can also originate from farms thousands of animals kept in small confines produce a vast amount of waste, which enters the surrounding soil and water supply. This is why think factories that pollute the air water and soil should be closed.

Factories contribute to air pollution in many ways . Whenever products are rated in factories they also create something called by products. By products are things such as carbon monoxide and chlorofluorocarbons which are very harmful to our air. These by products are depleting our ozone layer as we speak. Factories also create sulfur gases which is one of the greenhouse gases. They get in to our air and can cause acid rain which will destroy our crops health and water sources.

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Factories are polluting our water sources by the products they dump into our water directly. They are also destroying the water sources by the chemicals that are released into our air and coming back down in the form of rain. Common substances that end up in lakes, streams and rivers include mercury, asbestos and petrochemicals. Power plants raise the temperature of surrounding bodies of water. This temperature change increases the amount of oxygen in the water and kills many species that are not adapted to life in higher temperatures.

The water can contaminate aquatic life and make them unable to be consumed by humans. Air pollution and water pollution subsequently result in soil pollution. Soil pollution in my opinion is the worst of the three. Soil pollution directly leads to human consumption because it contaminates the animals we consume. Soil pollution disturbs our food chain because it starts with the smaller animals that are eaten by the larger animals and it contaminates each one.

Animals that live close to these waters ingest these crops which end in death or sickness in the animals In conclusion, now you should understand why factories that pollute the air should be closed. There is alternative ways to make products without factories. If we want the world to be around for generations we will have to make a change now. Go green; we have to do whatever we can to save our environment starting with closing the factories.

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