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Celebrity power is one effective form of advertising used for young teenagers. Because of the stage of life that I am currently at, I tend to look up to people who are famous. Most teenagers like to idealize musicians, sports players, and film stars. I am no different in this manner because I do associate myself with my favorite celebrities and try and follow them. If one of my idols is advertising a product, then I am more likely to pay that product some attention.

I think that if my favorite celebrity is endorsing a product, then to e a true fan should start buying that brand. This type of advertising is one of the oldest in the book, but it is also very effective for young people who are searching for an identity. Advertisements that have lots of action are also very popular with my age group. As a teenage boy, enjoy watching television with great action scenes. This could either be a fight scene or a car chase.

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Marketers know that people my age like to see lots of action because it gets the adrenaline pumping. I am o different in that I enjoy watching advertisements that include a lot of action. There does not have to be much dialogue or any key message, just the inclusion of action appeals to young boys my age. Unlike the use of celebrities, using action sequences is a type of advertising that only works with males, particularly those around my own age. The third type of advertising that is effective for my age group is the use of sexy women.

The saying that “sex sells” is a well-known one and it has been used ever since advertising first existed. The use of a pretty lady can set something going inside of teenage boys that make them take notice of the advertisement. Scantily-clad women may be offensive to young females, but to guys like me it can make all the difference when it comes to advertising. I think that the use of attractive women will continue to be used by marketers because they know that it is an effective strategy and plenty of young men will approve of it.

We are all bombarded by advertising every single day of our lives because arresters know the opportunities that it can bring. More than this, they also know that advertising can be extremely effective when trying to sell a product or service. For young boys Of my age, this is no different. The advertising techniques used to attract people my age can be different from other target markets. The three main advertising strategies that are used to target someone like me are the celebrity factor, action sequences, and the inclusion of attractive young women.

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