Treatment of Acute Mi: a Journal Critique Assignment

Treatment of Acute Mi: a Journal Critique Assignment Words: 380

Treatment of the Patient with Acute Myocardial Infarction is a quantitative study that examines delays in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction’s. The study is based on the examination of charts in the emergency department at SST. Joseph Regional Hospital in Milwaukee, Illinois. Charts were reviewed as far back as 1995-2002. Based on the findings the researchers were able to better understand the circumstance that surrounded the delays taking place in the SEC and how these variables delayed treatment of AMISS and effected opt prognosis.

With that information, protocols were plopped and instituted. The part of this study that is important to our research revolves around the initiation and interpretation of Keg’s. Here is an example of the results and protocols instituted: Synchronized wall clocks and the EKE machines to the same time. Correct Time lines are essential to audit and analyze data to determine if changes to practice patterns have occurred. Discourage the use of wristwatches, unless they are also synchronized to the wall clocks. 2. Ongoing staff education for identification of these patients is essential.

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Approximately, two-thirds of attains admitted though the DEED in our institution arrived complaining of chest pain. One-third of the patients were admitted with “atypical” presentations including shortness of breath, syncope, Weakness, and falls. Women and minority groups often present with atypical Symptoms, which can delay evaluation and treatment. 10-12 Recognizing These “atypical” patterns of presentation became a top priority. Intensive Ongoing education programs were provided to the triage personnel. 3. Bedside EKE machines or multiple portable EKE machines should be available for immediate use.

All DEED staff members should be trained in obtaining an EKE, so that Eggs can be done immediately and not outsourced to another department. Once the EKE is obtained, it should be immediately given to the DEED physician for review. 4. A five- minute time limit was decided upon for a primary care physician or cardiologist to return an answer to a page. If they did not answer, the cardiologist On call for the DEED was immediately paged. This time limit eliminated what were often long delays, waiting for a physician to return a page. 5. A cardiologist was always on call to receive faxed Eggs for immediate review, if needed.

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