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PAP format based on the grading rubric for unit four to assist you In creating a logical and critical evaluation of our two research articles. Hope this does help. Evaluating Research Titles We discussed the In our seminar how to use the text book to critically analyze the title of the articles. You can state the title, summarize the title, or quote the title if you so desire. Please remember f you summarize, quote or paraphrase, you need to cite the author and year at the end of the referred information. For articles with ore than two, you can add the “et. L” after the Initial citation of all the author names. Quantitative Research Article You might desire to break up the paper with level I and level II headings. You know that you will evaluate the research title of both articles, place them under the same major heading and then critique each under Its own subheading. This takes up space in the paper, but is very easy to follow for the reader. Quantitative Research Article Continue following the grading rubric setting up your headings for each graded lock.

For some blocks you might want to combine such as adding your critique of problem, purpose and hypotheses into one major section. Just be sure to address each component. Do not leave anything out that will cause you to miss points, The grading rubric is your friend and is a very simple way to construct your paper outline. Critique to Abstract Quantitative Abstract Qualitative Abstract Analysis of Purpose and Problem Statements Quantitative Report Qualitative Report Critique of Hypotheses and Identification of Variables

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Quantitative Research Qualitative Research Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Models In conclusion, all papers must have the proper components of appropriate writing tofu what you are discussing and they must end with some kind of wrap up. In this paper, we will ask that you conclude the paper by addressing these three questions. Did the researchers follow the research process guidelines we have discussed in our seminar and outlined in the book? Did you find anything unusual or missing?

How goes it impact the overall research study if any of the elements are missing? Give a summarized overall review of the articles to this point. References Your references should be double spaced and in hanging indent format. As you have gathered information from at the minimum from the qualitative, quantitative and text book, please place these three cited resources in their proper order and format according to the rules of PAP 6th edition. The writing center is also a very useful resource that I access a lot to ensure I am doing formatting correctly too!

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