Summary and Critique- Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak Assignment

Summary and Critique- Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak Assignment Words: 320

The reader begins receiving hints as to what happened at the party and Melinda Starts to talk less and less . The only person Who she would consider somewhat a friend to her ditches her for popularity, leaving Melinda completely alone and on the verge of a suicide attempt. Melinda is about to break when it is let known that her best friend is “dating:” a boy Melinda refers to as “It” The puzzle pieces come together when Melinda has a flashback and the reader or shown that Melinda was raped by this boy she calls “it” otherwise known as Andy .

Melinda warns her friend who then confronts Andy on the tater, Andy finds Melinda and tries to repeat the events from the party . Melinda finds her confidence and her voice in the face to tear and yells for help, saving herself and conquering her fear and mistrust of people , CRITIQUE- can honestly say this avgas one of the best books i have ever read _ Melinda sis relatable, humorous, and altogether likeable character that the reader can feel sympathy _ The plot , though terrifying , is very original and unexpected . This book forces you to look at the world differently .

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There was multiple forms of symbolism, causing the book to be confusing at times but all the more emotional Speak is also written with an intensity that makes the reader feel as if the experience is happening to them as well as the main character. This makes some scenes all the more terrifying such as the Para scene , which actually caused me to put the book down and calm down Though this is not usually the book type i go for, thoroughly enjoyed reading It caused me to think about things I don’t want to think about but need to and honestly changed me . And What is a books point but to change people ?

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