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Furthermore, he used some facts that ancient people ay use their unique ways to record summer solstice rather than today’s high astronomical knowledge. As he said “scientific knowledge is not inevitable” (Para. 12), there is no guarantee that scientific progress will keep increase, as long as we have the belief to live better, the scientific progress is not essential or necessary. Critique This article was written by Andrew Irvine who is a professor of CUBIC at department of philosophy (Irvine, 2012).

The title of the passage makes readers to think of scientific progress is not inevitable, however, without technology, we cannot live in this highly developed world. The hook In the Agar: The Public Face of Canadian Philosophy was edited by Andrew Irvine and John Russell; it is a book which collects many Canadians philosophers’ article and enriches our world by their Philosophical thought (University of Toronto Press Publishing, 201 3), However, we are living in a developing world, as long as we want to live better, the scientific progress will remain non-inevitable.

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Electronic products for example, cellophanes have been part of our live for few years, everybody has a cellophane to communicate to each other conveniently. But ancient people can only communicate each other with their voice or gesture, they cannot reach somebody vivo is far away from them. With the scientific results, eve can use electronic products to talk and see people thousands Of miles away from us. In the article, the author mentioned that some ancient culture may use their own way to figure out summer solstice like the sun dance (Irvine, 2006, pappy;339).

Truly, they do not need a calendar to record dates, but if it is a cloudy day, they will have no idea how to do this. Astronomers used telescope to observe astronomical phenomena which can show the exact date of summer and inter solstice no matter the weather is. Irvine used a quotation of a famous philosopher Sidney Hook that is “What has happened need not necessarily have happened” (Irvine, 2006, pappy-339).

However, that is the idea in their philosopher’s mind. If Newton did not discover the laws of gravity, someone else would discover it. If Edison didn’t invent the light bulb, someone else would do this (Shiplap, 2012, December 30), because the imagination and creativity of human beings is unlimited. So, what has happened will definitely happen. To conclude, scientific progress may emerged as a coincidence but inevitable.

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