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Art is a fun hobby or career that many have decided to enter. Many have chosen the art of screenplay writing, known as screenwriting, to make a living on. This is a relatively understood process that most writers feel as if they have the upper hand on, but most still need help in writing one themselves. Screenwriting can be tricky, strict, demanding and above all creative; however it still has many positives about it. The benefits of the difficult, creative venture of writing a screenplay become obvious through the enjoyment of the process, personal fulfillment and the financial rewards.

At the beginning of writing this project, you must choose which style you would like to write. The main two styles are free-hand or with computer software. The software is the best choice, since the screenplay will have to be eventually converted to a computer at some point. Once you have found and installed screenwriting software, such as Final Draft, you then will open the program and create a new file. This file will be your story. Title it whatever you desire. Then you will get starting writing. The writing ideas that are thought up are very important.

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It is the whole premise for the story. First you must first think up the plot, which is namely the thesis of the story. All of the writing is connected around it. Many people have a tough time with this, but there are many areas where you can get help. You can go to the bookstore or a library and find a book that helps you creatively, by showing you ways of brainstorming up ideas about your story. This way is a good way, but not as efficient as flat out raw creativity. Next step is coming up with the characters.

They are the people that act out in events in the story. Without characters in a story, the story would not work at all, it would only bore the audience so much that you would become unpopular fast. They must also progress throughout the story. To come up with characters, you can just pick out random names and put them together making names. You can just creatively come up with them. Also, you can feed off your plot and feel out what good characters names would mesh well with the plot. Deciding the setting is the next step in writing a screenplay.

The main setting gives us a good locational vibe about the story, but the story can normally turn into many different settings. This can only enhance the screenplay, making it more entertaining. Your decision in the setting has to be a smart one that makes believable sense, because otherwise the story would give off an uncanny feeling that no one would understand. This would only hurt you and your story. The more realistic, the better it is. The next step is the most creative part of the process. It is the writing itself. This is where you must brainstorm ideas that are relative to your plot, characters and setting.

You must write them all coming together to start off in a good light and you have to come up with ideas that help the story’s progression. Once you have established that, you have a good part of the art of writing complete After all of those steps are completed, you next start the big event of editing. You now go through the whole story and find any errors, erroneous details, punctuation or grammar mistakes and many other possible flaws in your story. Editing takes a long time and can sometimes even take longer than the writing itself. It is very important however, because being human we make mistakes.

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