Television Violence Has Negative Effects on Children’s Behavior Assignment

Television Violence Has Negative Effects on Children’s Behavior Assignment Words: 685

Major Writing Assignment: Pro/Cons Television Violence Has Negative Effects on Children’s Behavior The conducting of studies during the past years have revealed that television violence has increased and that there has been strong evidence which suggest that television violence does play a major contributing factor in the learning of aggressive behavior in children who frequently view violent shows which are shown during prime times, when children are most likely to be captivated by them. As a result, youth violence has since been growing throughout the years.

This television violence causes destructive behavior in children and can be a powerful influence to young viewers in our society. The uncensored and explicit graphics that are displayed during these shows can have a great influence on a child’s behavior, as children often imitate what they see. These children are made to believe that it is a customary thing in real life to duplicate the violence they watch on these programs which can increase aggressiveness in children causing them to become violent, particularly aggressive, and vicious.

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Some manifesting effects that have been demonstrated in children are that of mean behavior towards others, aggressive actions while playing with classmates and toys, intimidation, and also fear. In other words, violence in the media helps promote and encourage children and adolescents to, without restraint, express their violent behavior. Cartoons, which children watch the most, are now showing more extremely aggressive incidents which often include humor as a disguise.

In many households television is the center of activity for children, or acts as a baby-sitter. This proves to be highly dangerous with young minds because some children at tender ages are unable to understand or grasp the concept of reality versus fantasy. Many can grow up thinking that violence is okay since it was seen on a cartoon or children’s show. Therefore, television violence is a very serious issue in our society. We must recognize that it only causes negative effects on our children’s behavior.

This issue has taken a toll on our society and is too great a problem to look the other way. Gratuity is a Choice, Not a Requirement In today’s society, persons rendering a variety of services to the public believe that receiving gratuity is a social norm. This perception is far from the truth. Typically, jobs in hospitality and restaurants are where gratuity is a requirement. Even so, people who patronize these types of businesses should not be forced to pay an employee because their employer refuses to pay them sufficient wages.

Awarding persons gratuity should be at the discretion of the persons receiving a service, and not at the demands of a business. Many people associate the practice of tipping with rewarding good service and as a means of sharing the wealth with hardworking but underpaid service workers. The practice of tipping is openly accepted by some, but is criticized by others on the basis that they are made to feel obligated instead of given a choice and that they feel taken advantage of.

However, making it obligatory for people to provide gratuity just to help those compensate for a gap in wages is not justifiable. These persons chose the profession they’re in, so why expect the patrons to provide them with an additional income when their tightfisted superiors should be adequately compensating them. It’s understandable that some may have no other alternatives other than what they do due to their own personal reasons or issues. People do understand the extent of the need for tips as a means of their survival.

However, dangling signs or shoving cups in patrons’ faces to get that point across only sends the wrong message. They are made to feel as if they’re being hustled. Thus, allowing patrons the opportunity to demonstrate their generosity on their own terms rather than made to feel duty-bound would help change their negative views on tipping into positive ones. In doing so would not only allow patrons to be generous, but also in an odd sense, be generous for free.

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