Product critique Wii U Assignment

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Nintendo should put more effort in understanding the new trends in the market and customer’s needs in order to make the decisions based on the big picture. Some positive features of the WI U are weight, power consumption, Gamed, High definition, no annual subscription fee for online gaming and less expensive compared to its competitors. The WI U is fairly light and thin, which makes it easy to carry all around the home or for travel. It only consumes 40 watts on average during a game compared to over three times the consumption of the SIS and Oxbow one.

Although these features are nice, he real innovation lays on the Gamed that makes the Gamed so special. The Gamed is a touchstones tablet that works as a WI Remote or as a portable console as long as you stay close to the WI U. It allows you to play while the rest of the family is watching TV. In addition, you can browse the internet, watch movies or Youth on the tablet display or just switch it on the television. You can switch from the TV to the tablet or vice versa at anytime.

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You can, for example, start the game on the big screen and continue laying on the Gamed in bed, the bathroom or any other room within the Wife range. Even though these features sound attractive, you have to be aware of the disadvantages as well. Some disadvantages are the Gamed sensory reaction and battery life, the lack of optimization of games and low internal storage. The Gamed does not record the action simultaneously and the battery lasts only for about three hours. Although the screen resolution on the Gamed is not very high you can still have a great game experience.

In my opinion, the biggest disadvantage of the WI IS are its games. Besides the Mario’ games, the WI U does not have “killer games” that would attract customers to buy the console. While Sony Entertainment and Microsoft proudly displayed the sales of the Oxbow One, one million consoles sold in 24 hours in the world, and SIS, two million sold, Nintendo could not do the same with the WI U. The reason is simple, the competition managed to sell more consoles in 24 hours than Nintendo in nine months. Although the first WI launch was a success and even ran out Of stock, but the launch Of the WI L] was a complete failure.

Nintendo is not understanding the customers needs anymore and has a myopic approach. Nintendo should first focus in understanding who their current customers are, what these customers are looking for and what industry they really are competing in. “Nineteen’s family-focused content is losing its appeal as titles were delayed, casual gamers migrate to smartness and tablets, and hardcore players opt for faster Sony and Microsoft machines. The world’s biggest maker of video-game machines also refuses to offer games with its lineup of iconic characters such as Mario and

Zelda on mobile devices, limiting its ability to profit from surging demand by online players. “(Bloomberg. Com) Nintendo also needs to understand that they are not only competing against the video-game industry but also against the entertainment industry. Nintendo does not launch that often compared to its competitors. That is why its next launch should be more innovative. They need to spend more research on their next console and create more attractive games. Their next console should capture motion more precisely and have more third party support.

Its games should be more focused on casual gamers and hardcore gamers and not only on existing Nintendo fans. Because Nintendo has been able to deliver games based on touchstones controls, it should also consider to make their games available on mobile devices and other consoles to boost their revenue. They also need to improve on their advertising by emphasizing more on the new features and not just make it look as an update of the old version with an extra Gamed. For over two decades, Nintendo has been very successful but the WI U has failed to attract new customers.

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