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The Evolution Of Sony PlayStation The gaming industry at one time mocked, know a steady increasing industry. Just think it all started from a man named Ralph Bear. Mr. Bear released Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, unlike conventional systems today it was powered by batteries. One of their mistakes was misleading consumers into believing that the Odyssey would only on Magnavox televisions. It did, however, prove that consoles for the home could be designed.

He list goes on from Atari Pong, Magnavox Odyssey 100, Magnavox Odyssey 200, Atari Super Pong, Wonder Wizard 7702, Coleco Telstar, Coleco Telstar Classic, Magnavox Odyssey 300, Magnavox Odyssey 400, Magnavox Odyssey 500, Fairchild channel F, Rca Studio 2, and the list goes on to present day. It was 1995 when Nintendo asked Sony to develop a Cd- Rom add- on called “PlayStation” for the SNES. Because Sony wanted 25% of all profits Nintendo earned from sales of this PlayStation and all PlayStation games, after Sony revealed that they were developing it, Nintendo instead went to Phillips.

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This caused Sony to consider abandoning their research, however instead they used what they had developed so far and made it into a full blown console. The PlayStation launched in the USA on September 9, 1995. In America, Sony enjoyed a very successful launch with titles of almost every genre including Toshinden, Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Ridge Racer. Almost all of Sony’s and Namco’s launch titles went on to produce numerous sequels. Sony then released PlayStation One September 2000. This was a remake of PlayStation created in early 1996.

In response to complaints that PlayStations were overheating. Sony still was on the move. On a difficult start only a few million users obtained by the end of 2000 due to manufacturing delays for the new PlayStation 2. The PlayStation was such a hot item after its release that it was near impossible to find one on retailer shelves, leaving those wanting a PlayStation 2 to either wait or purchase he console on-line at sites such as Ebay, where the console was being sold by many people for twice and sometimes five times as much as the manufacture’s listed price.

In the holiday season of 2001 PlayStation saw the release of several best-selling and critically acclaimed games. Those PS2 titles helped the PS2 maintain and extend its lead in of the Microsoft XBOX and Nintendo GameCube. In September 2004, Sony revealed a new smaller PS2. In preparation for the launch of a new, slimmer PlayStation 2, Sony had stopped making the older PS 2 model sometime during the summer of 2004 to let he distribution channel empty out stock of the units. Sony had no intentions of stopping while releasing November 17, 2006.

During its first week of release in the United States, PlayStation 3s were being sold on eBay for more than $2300 USD. Reports of violence surrounding the release of the PS3 include a customer shot, campers robbed at gunpoint, customers shot in a drive-by shooting with BB guns, and 60 campers fighting over 10 systems. An addition to PlayStation 3 you able to play PS2 and PS1 games. Sony has already been advertising there newest addition the PS4. In the past, Sony has released a new console every six years, in 1994, 2000, and 2006, and if there are planning to continue this trend, we could get a PS4 late 2012.

Perhaps Sony won’t be announcing the PS4 anytime soon, but the fact is that they said developers are working on PlayStation 4 is good news. So, Sony is trying to lead in the interactive game scene and stay ahead of competitors. In doing so, they have created system after for the customer demands. From PlayStation to the upcoming PS4, also PSP, PSP to go which are hand held games. Also, the PlayStation Move for gamers who likes the technology of moving with the controls.

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