Peer Critique Assignment

Peer Critique Assignment Words: 270

Form Cortez Evaluator (use code if provided)_read Binge Rate your assigned role play on each skill as follows: a score of F, skills done Incorrectly or not demonstrated, D, skills In this area not up to par, C, skills In this area are average, B, skills in this area are good, or A, skills In this area are outstanding. Provide detailed Justification & specific examples of your scores. APPROACH: (professional, gains attention, uses rapport, translation, business

A reason and confirmation questions). Comments: -professional dress -good rapport-thanksgiving, Christmas -good rapport length-Hispanic foods set agenda (uncovers decision process, uses a variety of question types, uses a process that makes sense and maintains control, balances open and closed questions effectively). Comments: -described being under budget -asked for any changes/concerns -probed further upon needs of changes 3+

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(Presented benefits based upon needs instead of only features, logical, convincing presentation, effectively demonstrates product (where applicable), effectively involves the buyer in the presentation -went through proposal -described how volume needs were fulfilled in each department -assessed layout -described copiers per department -assessed training, warranty, and brochures -good handling of PICK objection CLOSE: (identified acceptance signals, used trial closes, persuasive In resenting a reason to advance, asked for appropriate commitment).

Comments: – handled objections well -asked for decision -got another meeting & follow up COMMUNICATION SKILLS (correct product knowledge, appropriate visual B aids, effective non-verbal, professional verbal communication, used listening cues, clear, enthusiastic, confident). Comments: -stumbled over some areas of product demonstration -overall good, professional Comments & Suggestions for Improvement (use back if needed): Great Job, Claudia!

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