English Grammar Notes Assignment

English Grammar Notes Assignment Words: 310

I went to the first super bowl game yesterday. I had a time machine so I could go. I saw the big stadium. I got some popcorn from the popcorn machine. The fans got ready to see Kansas go against Green Bay. The cheerleaders got warmed up. I sat on the front row. I drank my coke, the coke bottles looked different. The national anthem played and I sang along. The game started and cheered for Green Bay. FRR Jew Isis all?? ?? la premier??re Super Bowl hire. Java’s nun machine De temps pour queue Jew guise lealer. Jay v lee grand state.

Jay eh sequels pop-corn De la machine ?? pop- corn. Less fans onto PU pr??t ?? over Kansas lealer centre Green Bay. Less pomp-pomp girls SE soon ??chaff??s. Jew me Isis oasis sure la premiere rang??e. Jay buy moon coke, less bottles De coca onto seems?? dif??rent. Laymen national Joy?? et Jay chant??. Lee Jew a commence?? et applauds pour Green Bay. FUTURE SIMPLE -FRR Domain, Grain ?? Toronto. Jew appropriate mess amiss. Nouns apportions becloud dragnet a depended pour la nurture, des betterments et tout! Nouns sermons impatient debonair De nouveau v??tenements en vent.

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Unsuited, nouns regression UN film gnome “The Purge”. Unsuited, nouns irons AU circuit De course. Par??s cell, nouns irons manger des aliments d??Lucille et oftener retort De la mansion. ENG Tomorrow, I will go to Toronto. I will bring my friends too. We will bring a lot of money to spend on food, clothes and everything! We will be looking forward to getting new clothes on sale. Then we will watch a movie named “The Purge”. Then we will go to the racing circuit. After that, we will go eat some delicious food and get a ride back home.

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