Critique of the Alpine Dpr-Rds1 Fm Radio Interface Assignment

Critique of the Alpine Dpr-Rds1 Fm Radio Interface Assignment Words: 489

Radio Interface for pod and phone User Manual Steven C. Lester ENG/221 August 19, 2013 William Metzger This is a critique of the user manual for the Alpine EDP-RIDS FM Radio Interface for pod and phone. This product is an FM Radio adapter so that people can listen to the music from their pod/phone through their car’s audio system when the radio is tuned to a certain radio station. This manual is located at http:// eiders=1 5963623. The following criterion was used to evaluate this manual: 1 . Clarity of diagrams and pictures (if any). 2.

The clarity of instructions. 3. Whether or not a troubleshooting guide was used. 4. Whether or not the manufacturer provides contact information for support. 5. Whether or not translations were used. Clarity of Diagrams and Pictures (if any) The manual for the Alpine EDP-RIDS has a few basic drawings and diagrams. The first page contains a list of supported pods and phones, as well as a list of parts included in the kit. The second page contains a picture of the dip switch configuration panel, as well as a table of dip switch settings so that the radio frequency. This diagram was very vague.

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It was confusing to determine what switch to turn on to set a particular radio frequency. The wiring diagram on page 3 was clearer. Determining how to connect all of the components to the radio was very easy. Other pictures are included to explain different features, but those pictures were not so important. Clarity of Instructions. Overall, the instructions were clear and concise. The instructions used simple wording and included clear a clear warning about how incorrect dip switch settings can affect performance. Troubleshooting Guide A basic troubleshooting guide was included with the instructions.

The troubleshooting guide is meant to diagnose basic problems with playing audio, and how to fix the issue. If there are other issues, a call to the manufacturer would be necessary. Manufacturer’s Contact Information The manual included the contact information for the company on the front cover. It includes contact information for its various corporate divisions in America, Japan, Spain, Canada, France, Australia, England, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. This is useful it additional technical support is needed . Translations This manual contains instructions in English and in French.

Some countries regulate hat product manuals must be printed in the local language. This would be acceptable if this manual were to be distributed in Canada. In the United States, it would be preferable to include Spanish instructions, because Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U. S. Overall, the manual for the Alpine EDP-RIDS FM Radio Interface for pod and phone is an effective manual. It clearly explained most of the instructions and did not provide too much confusion. The manual used effective diagrams and even provided a translation. However, the instructions for the dip switch settings needs improvement.

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