Ethics: User Interface and Graphical Icons Assignment

Ethics: User Interface and Graphical Icons Assignment Words: 557

What are other issues that could arise because of this? This change will affect the software very little; yes there will be some change in the cod. Nothing that should be of real consequence, we will have to clean up the GUI and not have as many graphical icons and other stuff that could stray from the reader. The resolution should be at a lower setting let’s say around 800×600. It would have been nice if management or however was in charge let the project manager know about negotiations. Maybe in this scenario it was a top secret project or something and the deal went through at the last minute.

Any good project manager should be able to adapt to this and assign the needed people to the different areas to make the change happen. If miscommunication was the factor as to which no one knew, than that’s a different story in my opinion the person responsible connection the project failing. There are always going to be different issues come up as with any project, especially if that project had a change in design. One situation that could happen is the longer unexpected hours could change people’s attitudes and make them stressed; miswritten code could result in the unexpected change in the design plans.

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As stated before though a good project manager should be able to adapt to this change and make it work. You are working on a content management system (SMS). You are still in the design phase of development, and the stakeholders come to you and inform you that you need to make sure the SMS has a Web-interface and is cross-platform. While the Web-interface was always a consideration, you were originally intending it to be a product usable on one specific O/S. How does now having to make sure there is a Web interface impact the design? Now that you have to make sure the SMS is cross- platform, how does that impact the design?

What are other issues that could arise for this? Luckily in this scenario the design was still in its development phase. Any change in the program is basically irrelevant now. Meaning it is early in the developmental stage better a change comes up here than further down the road, especially if the Web Interface was already in consideration. This should have made the switch basically easy. So basically a well discussed plan should be made with the stake holders and make sure this is what everyone wants from the project. A change down the road would be devastating and might make the project harder to complete.

Even though the SMS will be changed to cross platform the impact as stated above should be very minimal. The code will have to be changed but a good project manager should be able to adapt to the change and handle any complications that may come up. By assigning the proper personal to the proper task should handle any change that could come up from being cross platform instead of being on one specific SO. As with any project more than one issue could arise, too many possible scenarios to write about now. I will say this though about handling any other issues that could arise.

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