Critique of Summer Mountains Assignment

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Summer Mountains Summer Mountain is an exquisite painting of a landscape in China. It is painted on a hand scroll made of silk with ink and pale colors. The painting is from the Northern Song dynasty 960-1127 in the 1 lath century. The painting was attributed to Quo Ding {Chinese, active ca. 1023-ca. 1056}(“Attributed to Quo Ding: Summer Mountains (1973. 120. 1)”. Included in this paper is why I choose this work, an assessments to its subject matter and content, and the works value in China and western culture. I began my search at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website.

I have always been a fan of Asian art, particularly China. For that purpose, I started my search in Eastern China and choose to pick a painting from a time of history that has always fascinated me, the 1 lath century. I started going through a numerous amount of paintings; however, at that time I did not think I would found a painting that called out to me. As soon as I decided to search another website, I finally found a painting that caught my eye. I choose Summer Mountains not only for its country of origin, but for the exquisite painting style and color choice; furthermore, it portrayed a perfect summer evening.

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However, the paintings subject matter and content did have me curious. The first thing that caught my attention was the enormous mountains that could reach the heavens, and is surrounding forest that looked as if they were swaying in the wind. As I began to look further in the mountains and the trees, I noticed a temple retreat. Upon a closer look at the temples, there were people sitting inside observing the magnificent views around them. In front of the mountains and the forest were tiny images of people working on the land and setting up shelters.

There are also people climbing up the mountain reaching their way to the skies. In one part of the painting, it looks as if people are either sitting on a bridge or fishing in a sail boat. I could not give an exact description of the small detains; however, it all looked peaceful. The paintings subject matter is not only of a landscape, but the painting represents a spiritual place where people would go to feel free and enjoy their surroundings. I feel that the Chinese would value this painting as a national treasure.

Summer Mountains is a very old painting, created in an important time in history for the people of China. In fact, three of Quo Ding paintings are listed in the Song emperor Housings painting catalogue (“Attributed to Quo Ding: Summer Mountains (1973. 120. 1)”. That alone shows the value and importance of this painting. As for a Western point of view, I feel that it is also equally appreciated. Clearly, The Metropolitan Museum of Art valued its beauty; as a result, the painting is in a election in there data base.

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