NHS Summer Reading Assignment

NHS Summer Reading Assignment Words: 248

Students who are lifelong readers become more successful in their academic classes as well as in their careers after graduation. People who read well also write better, have larger vocabularies, score higher on tests, and communicate more effectively. In order to help promote a joy of reading, each student at North Hi GHz will choose one book from the following list: books are organized by genre; we suggest parents and students together select thoughtfully and carefully FRR m the list Books that have CEDE listed after them are on the California Department of E education suggested reading list.

Students are required to complete an assignment for their chosen book at any point ova err the summer. This assignment is found on titles within the Summer Reading Course and should be submitted prior to t he first day of school. Copies of this list are available on the North High School website or in the school office. Students I n honors classes will be contacted separately bout their specific assignment.

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Coming of Age/ Peer Pressure/ Relationships The Book Thief , Markus Sake. Death narrates this story of a young girl who finds solace in b kooks during the Holocaust. 2. Cut Patricia McCormick. Collie, a butterfingered, is a “cutter” who seeks help for he r solidification. 3. Am the Messenger , Markus Sake. A botched bank robbery changes a intercontinental life. 4. Sin itch , Allison van Deepen. A teen tries to navigate between rival gangs.

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