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This article appeared on the website Tenement. Com recently and was noticed by many viewers. The author focuses entirely on what should not done in society. The author concludes that happiness can’t be reach with cosmetic surgery and can only be accepted as being who they were originally. Her perspective is one-sided, but the question is, how does plastic surgery impact society?

Although Bee is right that many organizations promote plastic surgery, she doesn’t include the obligations that people have. There are both positive and negatives on this topic, but Melody Bee states that TV shows such as, I Want a Famous Face” featured on MET, “The Swan” featured on FOX, and “Extreme Makeover” On BBC help promote plastic surgery’ (paragraph 2). Also stating that plastic surgery is constantly appearing into pop culture. Celebrities have taken power of plastic surgery and constantly exposed it to the society, which increases the rates of plastic surgery and as influenced younger age groups.

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In my opinion, beauty does have its attractions and opposing ends, but doesn’t mean it’s an ugly trend. There are many reasons to have plastic surgery, factors such as car accidents, facilitates, self confidence, disease (breast cancer), etc. Bee also includes that, ” nearly 1 1. 5 million cosmetic surgical and nonsensical procedures were performed in the U. S. In 2005. On the website, The Medical Tourism Guide, readers are told ‘ Plastic or cosmetic surgery can help to boost confidence and vitality” (paragraph 6). This impacts society deeply because in order for a society to operate, people must want to feel confident and secure.

It is true that celebrities promote this idea, but it also for other reasons, not Just for entertainment. Views may change left to right, but it’s becoming more and more common that it’s accepted in society whether they like it or not. Further more, Bee comments that, ” with so much importance placed on appearance, other attributes often come second. Young people are learning that they should aim to be beautiful instead of intelligent. It’s even a common practice for parents to reward high school graduates with nose Jobs, breast implants, or liposuction.

But cosmetic surgery an appropriate reward for years of hard work and academic achievement? ” (paragraph 16) Bee should’ve described where she heard this information from and from what. It would show that she did research to this topic and understand the concept of it. Either if she stated the facts in a different way, it would have shown that she did some research instead of assuming. Cosmetic surgery being an reward isn’t accessory for a high school graduate, that I disagree, but if it’s to the point where it is necessary like bullying, then maybe something such as cosmetic surgery can be done.

As on the other hand, Bee explains that, ” Parents are often pressure their children to do well academically, but with plastic surgery becoming so accepted, some parents are pressuring their children to have cosmetic work. Children as young as six are undergoing minor procedures, and 13- year- olds are having nose Jobs. Doctors and parents will support these surgeries claim that the child understand. However, it’s more probable that she realizes her parents want her to change, and is willing to comply. ” ( paragraph 11).

Again Bee can also state where she found this information and insert it into the article. Adding some statistics may change how readers points of views are impacted and can help persuade more. Even though young children are already receiving the procedures, parents are already accepting the procedure that is implying to the kids. It’s not that the doctors are directing the procedure without the parents consent, but both the parents and kids have verified he consent and understood that this will be a change for them.

Plastic surgery does impact society, but if it brings happiness to those who need it most, then let them have it. If being able to fit in and be similar like someone else makes them happy, then let it be. It isn’t anyone’s business to budge in personal lives and other reasons. They should have more concern for themselves then worry about others. Even though the media does portray this “perfect” figure, many others Just want to have the plastic surgery procedure for their own benefit and happiness. So let them be.

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