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As such, they tend to be highly specific regarding meaning. In other words, these types of analogies usually rely on very strict meanings of the words Involved. ; Definition Coward : Brave A coward is by definition not brave ; Antonyms Miser : Spendthrift A miser Is the opposite off spendthrift ; Synonyms Interloper : Intruder An interloper is an intruder ; Level of Intensity Mad : Furious Furious Is more extreme than mad Group B: Traits and Subsets These kind of analogies concern what you might call the adjective-subset type of analogies. Other word noun that

In these types of analogies, one word will generally be a noun and the will be either an adjective describing a trait of the noun OR another describes a subset of the first noun. ; Part to Whole Star : Galaxy Many stars make a galaxy Ice is slippery ; Class and Member Eucalyptus : Tree ; Manner ; Sex ; Age A Eucalyptus is a type of tree Boisterous : Speak Boisterous is to speak loudly Ewe : Sheep A ewe is a female sheep Puppy : Dog A puppy is a young dog Group C: Worker and Work These types of analogies concern workers and their activities.

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They usually revolve round the tools they use, the products they make, or the places they work at. ; Worker and Product Souffle : Chef A chef makes a souffle ; Worker and Tool Brush : Painter A painter works with a brush ; Worker and Action Trick : Prestidigitator A prestidigitator performs a trick ; Worker and Workplace Forge : Blacksmith A blacksmith works at a forge Group D: Purpose or Effect These types of analogies generally describe a functional relationship between the two words.

One word is either caused by the other OR follows as a purpose of the other. ; Action and Its Significance Shiver : Cold Function Tablecloth : Table A tablecloth covers a table ; Tool and Its Action Lathe : Carve A lathe is used to carve wood ; Symbol and Quality it Represents Heart : Love A heart is a symbol of love Group E: Order of Events These types of analogies describe an ordered relationship.

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