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Checkpoint: Case Study Critique One reason that the caseworkers were not aware to the conditions in the Jackson’s home is because the parents told them that the four boys had an eating disorder. Another reason is that the parents were the only people being questioned about the situation, and by using only the information to the parents they believe every word they said. I believe that the nine members of the Division of Youth and Family Services should have been fired, because it is their responsibility to make sure that every Foster Child is safe.

By making sure that they are safe, is to make sure they are fed, have water, and have shelter and they also have the correct kind of living arrangements. These people should have paid better attention to the children’s condition. Another thing that the members should have done is check on their recent medical exams and made sure they went to their follow ups. For the convictions for the parents and firing the member of the Division of Youth and family Services, justice was served for the children.

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By doing this the state showed people that when you adopt a child or children it is not just a way of getting money or adopting, it is making sure that they have everything they need in order to feel safe and comfortable in the system. The whole situation would have been prevented if??the employees for the Division of??Youth and Family Services were doing the job that they were hired for and were doing their job correctly.

For??instance, every supervisor should supervise every employee, and have a syllabus??they have to follow before making??the decision of??letting the child live in a home. Making sure that every case is kept up to date and make sure that it is updated regularly. They can also check their medical records or school records and sit down and listening to the children would??have helped the children and they may have not been going through this at home.

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