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Rural Ads, whose constant support and co- operation helped me in the successful completion of this project. I would also like to extend my gratitude to my brother attacks Ads and my very special ND close friends – Bark Seth, Issuant Chuddar, Murmur Saxons, Shank Nair, Jay Gain and Antitank Corroboratory. Without their encouragement, enthusiasm, help and support, this project wouldn’t have been possible. Special gratitude for Sir Avian Aria , Ma’am Sonics Gain and Sir S. K. Renter for their help and guidance throughout the project.

Thank you. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the work titled – ‘Bonnet’s Shock Therapy A case study of the company which employed Shock Advertising’ submitted by ‘Cinchiest Major’ (1 11781 ) in partial fulfillment of the award of B. A. (Hon.. Journalism is an original work and has not been submitted by any other University or Institute for the award of any other degree or diploma. The work has been carried out under my supervision and has been done without any unfair means. Signature of the Mentor Signature of the Student Dry. A.

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K. Thacker Chinchillas Major Cast. Professor Roll no: 11/781 University of Delhi DECLARATION I, Cinchiest Major, a student of B. A. (Hon.. ) Journalism 3rd year, hereby declare that I have completed this project titled ‘Bonnet’s Shock Therapy’ under the supervision of Professor, Dry. A. K. Thacker. The work undertaken and presented is my original and has not been produced elsewhere to the best of my knowledge and belief. ABSTRACT In 1 ass’s a few companies produced advertisements that carried explicit social and political messages.

Pioneering this move was the European clothing company whose “shock advertising’ style was soon adopted by other companies including Diesel, FOCUS, and the Body Shop. While some praised these companies for addressing important issues, others condemned them for exploiting social and political issues. In this paper, we shall study the case of the World’s largest clothing company, The United Colors of Benton” and its “Institutional Campaigns. ” These advertisements aim at publishing the entire company rather than one range of clothing.

This study explores the implications of Bonnet’s shock advertising for advertising language, the functions of advertising, and the notion Of consumer-citizen. This research reviews the paradoxes that Benton introduced into the discourse of advertising through extensive subjective and objective surveys on consumers and viewers. Overview Advertising is all about selling a product or an idea. In case of the aware nonuser, it recalls about product’s features, quality and advantages which enrich buyers’ lives after possessing this certain product, so induces him to own it.

Nowadays advertising is present in peoples’ everyday lives. It is noticed continuously and incessantly during the day, it assaults from newspapers, radio, television and billboards. Often it is not even noticed in a rush but it constitutes apprehension towards the world. Hence, it was extremely necessary to create an enticing technique of advertising so that people cannot walk past it without noticing it or change the television Hansel without viewing the advertisement.

Even when around the globe, international brands were excelling in developing various new strategies to advertise in new and reformed ways, In 1976, India reformed advertising with the advent of Mall’s advertising campaign. Maul produced some extremely witty and clever ads which were related to the current political and social scenario of that time. The advertisements were funny, smart and attracted immediate attention from the people who passed by their posters and billboards.

Throughout these years we saw companies and brands using various quenches to attract the consumers but shock advertising, particularly, stood out of the rest. Probably because of the advertisements’ notorious content or simply, creativity Of overt he advertisements. As the fight for catching sight of the advertisement is more and more difficult, asseverating is seen as an opportunity to be noticed in a crowded world of advertising and among strong competition in the market. The main aspect of shock advertising would be however to take people by surprise.

And this may be achieved by combining creativity with irresistible humor or sensuality. Asseverating is most often utilized in so called social marketing and implemented in campaigns against abortion, drinking, animal brutality, meat consumption, racism, climate change and social inequality. Nowadays many other market sectors started to put into their operations asseverating campaigns as it grabs priceless publicity and customers’ attention which often cannot be bought without the shock value.

It is not possible to ponder a asseverating concept without taking into consideration Benton campaigns and Olivier Toscanini; their former author and the creative director and photographer of the Benton Company. The eighteen years lasting cooperation disseminated a notion of asseverating in the whole advertising world and questioned its role through Olivier Toscanini controversial and shocking campaigns for Benton and through shocking the audience and exceeding limits of decency and taboos.

However the era of shocking controversies ended with their ongoing campaign and people criticized Bonnet’s lack of consistency after Toscanini exit from the company. Through this research, I would like to show how this particular despicable advertising genre helped the company to grow and extend its business and how the consumers reacted to the controversies in which the company was always surrounded with, due to their asseverating. Objectives and Methodology Objectives To understand the concept of Shock Advertising How did Benton reap the idea of Shock Advertising?

The ways in which this advertising technique influenced the other global brands? How does this tactic help with the promotion of the company? Do these advertisements grow or weaken the sales of the company? How is asseverating affecting the traditional advertising? Methodology This research obtains data and information by close study of various introversion campaigning strategies of Benton. How the brain behind these campaigns worked to make the advertisements both appealing and scandalous. The case studies include the infamous UNEATEN global campaign and other debated promotional campaigns of Benton.

Quantitative analysis of the data gathered through observations, archives and survey responses of advertisement campaigns’ impacts will be done in order to reach the conclusion of the research as to how Benton propagated the idea of shock advertising and whether it was successful or unsuccessful in achieving its popularity goal. Review of Literature Advertising is an essential tool of marketing. It is used as a communication medium by the companies to interact with their target audience in order to sell their product. And hence, it is used in different ways to attract the consumers.

Shock Advertising is one of the most different and efficient modes of advertising. Benton is the company which started this trend in SASS. Studying the trend setter and the trend is easier than studying the implications of the trend. Because all over the world, these advertisements have different effect on different people at different places. Only a few groups evolve to these advertisements and actions are taken accordingly. Several researchers have researched on the impact of the ‘covering’s’ syndrome in the sass like Vent R & ABA-Hannah, Sara Tonic Benton, Rite C.

Hubbard, Bruce Horopito and Debra Price. These researchers have seen how Benton took over the world of clothing through shock advertising and other companies followed the trend. But there was a certain way of following the trend and it wasn’t proven successful in all the cases. Graced Lorraine and Andrew Warwick explored the impact on the consumer and audience through the studies of pop culture. In the sass , pop culture Was in everyone’s veins especially in the West and it could be seen in every field as an essential tool to communicate with the youth.

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