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I agree with all points above. I think that sometimes advertising can be benefit to consumers because it can provide plenty choices for consumers. However, some Of advertising can also have some negative influences which are making false promises and misleading on children. First of all, advertising has a positive influence which can help consumers to provide more opportunities to compare different products and more easily to choose. Today, busy life and pressure have occupied our most of the time, and people do not have enough time to choose and compare merchandises.

However, advertising which is a simple way can help consumers to understand and compare efferent products. The author Winston Fletcher explains that advertising can be a good method to communicate between sellers and consumers in order to improve consumers choice and awareness. (Fletcher, 201 0) The meaning is that advertising can provide much more information and features in order to resonate with consumers. At the same time, consumers also have the chance to understand and compare their goods through these information. For example, remember that was 4 years ago. Ally wanted to get a new phone, but I did not have time to choose and understand all of them because ad to hard work everyday. However, one day I had a chance to see a very excited ads which talked about Phone product. At that time, people did not know so much about Phone products. Also fist time saw such a beautiful black phone on the advertising, and the most important was that the advertising showed many powerful features which had never seen it before. After that, I began to think about any other brands of mobile from different advertising in order to compare them and find a satisfactory choice.

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However, could not find any others better than Phone 3, so I chose it. From the example, we can easily find that advertising provides an opportunity which helps people get to know and accept the new products. People also can get thousands of important information about different products from good advertising. In addition, the author Fletcher explains that advertising can help you to know a lot of good stuffs in people’s lives, such as food, holidays, clothes, comfort and so on, and people can choose between them. Fletcher, 201 0) It shows that there are thousands of good things in the advertising, and advertising also provides chances which use it to compare and choose whatever you want. On the other hand, the advertising is not as perfect as people thought. We have to admit that some advertisements also have negative impact for consumers because sometimes advertisements are dishonest. Some advertising try to exaggerate and distort the facts in order to get much more money from consumers. People who pay attention to these advertising will be misled.

The author Fletcher points that everyone hope that advertising could provide more information, to be factual and honest because some of the advertisements only tell us a half of the truth. (Fletcher as cited in Cohen, 201 0) It clearly expresses the concerns and expectations for some advertisements. For example, we always can see a lot of advertisements about diet pills on the television or magazine, and they always show such a perfect effect in front of everyone. However, is it true same as they said?

As a matter of fact, the so-called diet pills can only help people to digest the stomach, and they do not have any efficacy. In contrast, the pills may even have many negative influences to the body. From the example, we can clearly find that manufactures use the false advertising campaign to seize the nonuser psychology in order to achieve their own economic interests. Therefore, we have to recon size that some of the advertisements which bring us some negative effects can not be completely trusted.

In addition, some type of advertising will generate very serious negative influences on children. In recent years, the type of advertising has become more and more plentiful along with the social development. At the same time, the impact of advertising on children is gradually increased. For example, some advertisements are about alcoholic beverages and cigarettes which have a use negative influence on child development because some children will be curious and want to try and imitate.

Thus, parents try to make effort to protect their children take away from these advertisements, but it is not as simple as they thought. The author Rowe and Risking explain that in recent years, parents try to control some of the advertising to come into their house in order to protect their child, but there kid still can hide some of magazines without the parent’s permission-(2003) The meaning is that some of the advertising always can bypass parents and speak directly to impressionable children. Therefore, I believe that some advertisements have a harmful effect on children’s development.

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