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Madison War,” Hickey believes that James Madison hardly reaches the standards of Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, or Franklin Roosevelt. Hickey specifies that The War of 181 g’s causes are complex and can still be debated. The decisions of causes have been credited to a wide variety of motives. If the causes of the war are unclear, then the consequences are as well. Despite the fact the America was won most of their wars, The Was of 1812 is different. Hickey feels as if America was lucky to escape without asking extensive compromise.

The Treaty of Ghent does not specify the issues that had caused the war and contained nothing to suggest that the United States had achieved. The treaty solely provided the affairs occurring before the war began. Impressments was very clearly accounted for in this reading. Hickey strongly believes that America meant little to no harm to England. With British Troops controlling the high seas, American found their intentions a bit outrageous. Hickey explains that British warships constantly stopped American merchant sells on the high seas and impressed sea men into British service.

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He also states that impressments was supposed to be limited to British subjects, but by accident or design, about 6,000 Americans were caught by the British. The British declared they would release the Americans off of impressments, but only if there was satisfactory proof of their citizenship, a process that could take years. The British also repeatedly interfered with America’s profitable trade with the West Indies and often violated American territorial waters, sizing more American vessels within the limit.

Hickey informs his readers that they made sweeping use of naval blockades and insisted on a more extensive definition than the Americans were willing to accept. Expanding to Canada was an often brought up debate in The War of 1812. Hickey explains what Canada is weak and would effortless to take over. Hickey states that although expansion was a powerful force in this time period, the desire to annex Canada did not cause this war. The United States believed that annexing Canada could be used as a ransom on the maritime sues.

America promised Canada nothing but protection, property, and rights. Sadly, at this time the United States was inadequate to lead this major war. Hickey informs his readers that the War Department Was poorly organized and understaffed. The administration to abandon these proclamations made it difficult to appease candidates of the war. Hickey describes the War Hawks as a group of Republican Congressmen who demanded that the United States declare war against Great Britain and invade British Canada. At the time, British Canada was secretly helping the

Native American tribes that were interfering with U. S. Expansion to the west. President Thomas Jefferson and James Madison tried to stay inactive to the wars between France and Great Britain. Hickey explains that the nation was using political and economic pressures to keep America’s trade routes intact. In the end, the War Hawks got what they were fighting for. Congress declared war against Great Britain, which Hickey believes could have been one Of the causes of The War of 1812. After reading The War of 181 2: A Short History by Donald R.

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