Critique: Jesus Is a Brand of Jeans Assignment

Critique: Jesus Is a Brand of Jeans Assignment Words: 682

Jeans explains throughout the article about love being mistaken. For instant, Kilojoules explains in one of her paragraphs about loving a product is easier than loving a person. Since Kilojoules says human beings are messy, undecided, and fearful. People nowadays do not take advertising serious anymore, because the readers already know that Journalists and pitchman’s deceive people to get attention. Some of the audiences tend to believe advertisements make them love their products more than their partners, especially since they think their object will not betray them.

But then again Journalists and pitchman’s are not bad in what they are doing, it’s their Job by trying to get the customers attention in order to get the business they need. In this article it emphasizes how human beings are valuing the bond and intimacy off products over a real relationship. According to Kilojoules she explains in one of her paragraphs, “Advertising encourages us not only to objectify each other but to feel passion for products rather than our partners” (259 Kilojoules). She uses this as fear of being rejected to share with the readers, those feelings for each of there is challenging because of advertisements.

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Advertisements get things in our mind to think other wise. Since some of the ads Kilgore has come across she has seen that they add that products are more important than people. Kilojoules talks about how advertisements make us think other wise about relationships. According to Kilojoules she explains in one of her paragraph about, ” The problem with advertising isn’t that it creates artificial needs, but that it exploits our very real and human desires” (257 Kilojoules). She uses this because advertisements make their product aggressive towards an item to where they make human beings think their partner is not trustworthy.

As she states in one of her paragraphs how advertisements make human beings see the positive things in products and how products pleasure a person. Kilojoules explains in her paragraph, ” The consumer culture encourages us not only to buy more but to seek our identity and fulfillment through what we buy, to express our individuality through out “choices” of products” (259 Kilojoules). She says this because advertisements try to make us see the positive about their products and to e the pleasure it gives us.

For example, about cigarettes, how they can make a person take away their stress and engages their mind. Well Kilojoules is saying that products do that to us, than our own partners. Since our partners are the cause for the stress nor they can not do what the product itself does. I agree with Kilojoules in many ways, she explains very well in her article how people can mistake love. People actually do mistake love with products since they can be addictive or they really love that product more than their partner.

Since they may have trust issues. People can be in love with their product and show no attention towards their significant other. Other than knowing their significant other will always be there no matter what but then again one day they can walk out of their life. While knowing that Kilojoules explains as of being rejected in relationship wise since advertisements make aggressive comments and make us human beings think other wise. She says this because of the fear of rejection, and how your product will not betray you and will not hurt you.

Throughout this article Kilojoules explains how love is being mistaken for meeting else, how advertisements can make false statements and make us human beings think other wise about our relationships. Advertisements take some things out of proportion and make people realize that marriage is something they don’t want. Advertisements encourages us to not only review each other but to love products more than our significant others. Throughout this article she talks about loving a product can be easier than a human being. Since some us human beings are messy, undecided on what we want in life, and fearful.

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