Principles of Marketing Mavi Jeans Case Assignment

Principles of Marketing Mavi Jeans Case Assignment Words: 451

MAPI Jeans also alma to not Just fit the body of customers. But also their lifestyle. Meanwhile, the company tries to keep Its prices low, while still providing perfect quality. SQ: How would you define the company’s target market? What is the current positioning strategy? Briefly explain Mafia’s ups. A target market is a group of customers for which an organization designs, Implements and maintains a marketing mix Intended to meet the needs of the group resulting In mutually satisfying exchanges.

MAPI Jeans mostly focus on young women. MAPI uses a value positioning strategy because they emphasize not only the importance of high quality and comfort, but also follow the current fashion trends by fragmentation its product and brand image in several ways. The four As can be defined as Price, Product, Promotion and Place (distribution). Maven’s product Is a consumer product. Their price Is low compared to competitors and they distribute the product using their own stores or department stores worldwide to reach the customer.

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MAPI uses advertising and celebrity endorsements to promote their brands. SQ: What are customers of MAPI actually buying? The brand Is built around the Jeans culture and wants to give you the experience of Mediterranean feeling in fashion. Customers are actually buying an experience. When people buy a MAPI Jeans, they know that it is of good quality and a famous brand. People buy what those offers will do for them. The fact that you have Jeans that are also loved by famous people may give you a happy/good feeling.

SQ: How do you evaluate the “menu” approach? Maven’s menu service was the first of Its kind In their Industry. The concept was scalar to those used in fast food restaurants and the company used this uniqueness in fashion to attract more customers. This new way a customer could choose their clothing provided more convenience for them. They could choose an entire outfit at once, without going to a clothing store. The sales people were dressed in similar fashion to fast food employees. And enhance the connection to the target market?

The recommendations that helped the MAPI brand to keep the brand image up are that they have to keep their price always low, always fixed the quality of the product, maintain a good relationship with the customers, be a sponsor at a major event and make a year end sale promotion. In order to enhance the connection to the target market MAPI could make a social network to get closer to the customer, encourage customers to provide feedback regarding employees and ensure keep customer satisfy with their product.

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