Principles of Marketing Porsche Case Assignment

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Their customers usually know they want to buy a Propose. The only thing that has to be decided on is the model, which requires little to no information searching because Porch’s product line is not very broad. Evaluation of alternative is also not common in Propose buyers. Propose is a brand that people consciously choose for and value the brand for what it offers. It is rare that Propose buyers will pick another brand once they have decided on a Propose car. In the fourth stage, customers rank brands and perform purchase intentions. The purchase decision will be to buy the most referred brand.

There are, however, two things that can come in between the purchase intention and the purchase decision of a Propose. The attitude of others is an important factor. Propose is generally known to be exclusive. Knowing that people know that you drive an exclusive car drives people to buy a Propose car. The second factor is unexpected situational factors. The customer may form a purchase intention based on factors such as expected income, expected price, and expected product benefits. However, Propose customers know what to expect of the product and the rice, so there shouldn’t be any surprises there.

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The expected income should also not be a problem because the people who buy Propose are usually well off. The post- purchase process for the Propose customer will be very satisfying. The customer knows what he expected from a Propose car and Propose knows they deliver. There are barely any surprises when it comes to the delivered product. The product is good and both the customer and Propose know it. 2) Contrast the traditional Propose customer decision process to the decision process for a Cayenne or Ephemera customer.

The differences between the traditional and the newer customers are mostly in the first three steps in the buyer decision process. The first step is still the same for both groups, however although the traditional Propose customers skips the second step since they already know the information about Propose cars, Cayenne and Ephemera customers make information search while they are preferring those new models since they have slight different features. Then the third step is again skipped because for both customer groups, Propose is the one and only car with exclusivity and high distinctive.

Lastly, forth and last steps are the same for both customer groups. 3) Which concept in the chapter explains why Propose sold so many lower-priced models in the asses and asses. Propose had differentiated its products so the buyer’s decision process also becomes different for these new products. Adoption process explains why Propose achieved higher sales in the given time period. Adoption process is defined as the mental process through which an individual passes from first hearing about an innovation to final adoption.

Firstly the customer becomes ware of the models but they do not have adequate information about these new models. Secondly, they learn what is new in the new models. Thirdly, they make assumption if it is worth trying these products. Fourthly, if they have decided to try in the previous step, they tries in this step. After trying new products, they adopt to these new models and Propose makes so many sales. The buyer’s decision process is a bit different for Propose products due to its differentiated product line. The adoption process clarifies the higher Propose sales in the given time period.

The adoption process can be defined as the mental process an individual goes through from the moment they hear about the product until the final adoption. Firstly, the customer is introduced to the new Propose models. However, they do not have the right information about the products yet. Afterwards, the customers are informed, or inform themselves about the product. Then they decide on whether or not to try the product. Lastly, if the customer has decided to try the product, they will proceed with that. After trying the product and noticing that they like it, the customer will eventually buy the product.

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