How to do an assignment step by step

How to do an assignment step by step Words: 1005

All students are required to write assignments because writing is a product which demonstrates the quality of learning. In this article, we will try to give you some useful advice on how to write assignment step by step that you will be able to summarize texts quickly and successfully for any class or subject.

The main aspects in making assignments

University and college lecturers evaluate students’ knowledge by giving them different types of written tasks. Reports, essays, term papers, book reviews, research papers, etc. Additionally, you need to become an expert in various academic standards, but it cannot sound attractive especially when you have tight time limits. So, we will try to clarify how to do an assignment step by step and how to make the process easier, clearer and more productive.

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Assignment writing can be both challenging and exciting. It also can be a very enjoyable activity that provides an opportunity to develop your thinking and demonstrate the writing skills. Some assignments take more time but less thinking. They can be done later when compared to assignments that require a lot of brain-work. Thus, before starting an assignment, it is essential to learn all the details in advance. It includes the date of submission, the importance of this assignment, method of evaluation, expected length and the nature of the assignment.

Every student should present his personal approach to an assignment. It will ensure that he understands the task, know his time frames, and can present a structured final argument. The planning of the assignment step by step is also very important, so you should find enough time and pay more attention in order to think about the right steps of your further activity.

Reviewing the assignment, your teacher will look for some of the following elements, which will demonstrate your skills to find appropriate information, structure knowledge and information logically, read purposefully and critically, use theory on practice, analyze processes and problems, etc.

Tips how to do assignment step by step

  1. In the first place, you need to think carefully about the topic. Questions which should be considered include:
  • What is the aim of the assignment?
  • What are the key questions?
  • What is the content of the assignment?
  1. You should work on the structure.

As soon as you have formed an idea of your topic, you can start outlining a detailed structure of what you plan to write. Start with the main sections and fill in what needs to be included in each section. When you start working on the text proper, choose headings for each section.

  1. Do not be afraid of work on the text.

The text is a construction, and it does not emerge in a finished state; parts must be moved, exchanged or deleted. Remember to take breaks and stop working on the text if you sense that you are so tired that you are mangling it.

Writing your assignment step by step

There are the following steps in making the assignment:

  1. Read and analyze the assignment task

You need to read the assignment question very carefully and try to rewrite it on your way. Then analyze the assignment task to find any subquestions. Work out what the task requires and then brainstorm the topic for some key ideas to develop in your answer.

  1. Research and make notes

Next, you need to search for information and evaluate the usefulness of what you find. You need to think about what you already know and where you could search for information. Start with the textbook, the assigned readings, and the lecture/tutorial material, which might help you to answer the assignment task.

3.Create an outline of your assignment

After researching to consider how you will organize that information in order to answer the core questions. Your main points should be fairly abstract but then move to more concrete information as you develop these points. Read again and think again, and continue to do this until you can begin writing.

  1. Write the introduction

When you have organized your information into a scheme, use this as a plan for writing your essay. First, write your introduction, restating the question, stating your thesis on the question, identifying the main points you are going to develop and defining any key terms. In the introduction, you present the assignment’s research question and its background, so as to show why it will be interesting to find the answer.

  1. Draft the paragraphs in the body

Write each main point in the same order as you have introduced it in the introduction. Make sure each main point is developed in at least one paragraph and that each paragraph begins with a topic sentence and goes on to develop or give examples of the information in the topic sentence.

  1. Write the conclusion

Ensure your conclusion follows logically from the arguments and evidence you have presented and does not introduce any new information. Just sum up what you have presented and make a final statement.

7.Review and submit

Leave plenty of time to proofread your work paying particular attention to spelling, grammar, the question, word count and references. Go over your draft to make sure that you have answered the question, your introduction clearly predicts what follows, your argument is logical, you have used enough evidence to support your ideas, you have a proper reference list on a new page at the end of your assignment, and your assignment is properly formatted.


It is not an easy task for students to write their assignment work at the highest level in accordance with the requirements. So, do not hesitate to use the tips below on topic make assignment step by step in order to understand how to deal with it.