Relation between crime, poverty Assignment

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A. WBI Bridge to Learning September 21, 2014 Education is a big goal in life. It will change people’s lives and how they think. It is like the sunshine after darkness. It gives people knowledge that they need in their lives. Education gives us solutions to our problems. Education improves our financial situation and benefits our country. I think education benefits society. I got a good education in my country.

My parents taught me that reading more books would make me enlightened. That helped me to get good skills in writing, teaching, and raising my children. I benefited my country when I taught my children and my students to develop their skills in mathematics and solving problems in order to be skilled workers in the future. I contributed to building my society when I built educated people to make our country wealthy and to benefit everyone. Education can also help people to overcome poverty.

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Previously, I got a low salary from my work as a teacher in a government school. So, I also worked in a special institute to teach students in order to improve my financial situation. I was responsible for taking care of my two children; therefore, I worked hard to get more money to build a good life or my family. I reduced poverty with my good education by working two Jobs. After the war in Iraq and the bad conditions there, I traveled to Jordan.

Because I have a good education, I got a Job as a mathematics teacher for refugees at Jesuit Refugee Service. This Job helps me to overcome some of my needs. Because of this salary, I can pay for food and transportation fees. Finally, education is the easiest way to improve people’s lives. It benefits everyone to live comfortably. It is the way to prosperity and development of people and society in general. Educated people make countries become worthy and have a higher civilization.

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