Pride and prejudice couples Assignment

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I believe that Jane Bennett and Charles Bentley would be happy together. I determined this because their personalities are similar. Jane and Charles are both good-tempered and amiable. An example of Jane displaying this behavior Is on page nine when Elizabeth, Cane’s sister, told Jane “OLL You are a great deal too apt, you know, to like people in general. ” Elizabeth was complaining that Jane was too nice and accepting towards people. Mr.. Bentley is good-tempered and amiable in a way hat is different when compared to Jane.

He never has his own opinion on anything and always looks to his friends and family for guidance. If his friends and family are not around to help him decide something, he displays a friendly and agreeable attitude. On page ten, it is said, “Bentley was sure of being Eked wherever he appeared… ” Because Jane and Mr.. Bentley are so agreeable and sociable, I believe that they would make each other happy. Bentley and Georgian: I believe that Georgian Dairy and Charles Bentley would make each other happy. I believe this because Georgian is a shy and sweet young woman.

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On page one hundred sixty eight, it is says that Georgian is “exceedingly shy”. The book does not give any evidence that Georgian would make Mr.. Bentley unhappy. Elizabeth and Dairy: I know that Elizabeth Bennett and Fatalism Dairy would make each other happy if they were married. In this story, Mr.. Dairy is annoyed with women gawking over him because he rich. He sees most women as shallow and superficial. On page seven, when he was at the ball, he refused to dance with any woman he did not know eying, “At such an assembly as this It would be Insupportable. At that time, Mr.. Dairy was uncomfortable because the women at the ball were low-class and, their mothers were eagerly searching for a rich man to marry them. On page twenty-five, Dairy declares that a woman worth marring “must a have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawling, dancing, and the modern languages… ” He also says that women need to be well read. Elizabeth does not like the fact that marriage is all about financial security and she does not believe in gawking over a man because he s rich. Elizabeth also reads regularly.

Elizabeth Bennett and Fatalism Dairy would make a good couple because Elizabeth is everything Mr.. Dairy wants in a woman. Caroline and Dairy: I think that Fatalism Dairy would make Caroline Bentley a happy in a marriage; however, I do not believe she would make him happy at all. Caroline Bentley Is the epitome of the superficial woman Mr.. Dairy detests. Caroline knows all the rules of being the perfect homemaker and nothing else. Miss Bentley displays her Nell read and that turns on Mr.. Dairy. She says, “What a delightful library you have at Pimpernel… When she knows she does not read and does not care about books or Mr.. Dairy’s library. Caroline is not was Mr.. Dairy wants in a wife; however, Caroline Mould love having Mr.. Dairy as a husband. Mr.. Dairy and Miss Bentley are both very proud and class observant individuals. Caroline Just wants a man of class, wealth, and status. Charlotte and Mr.. Collins: think Charlotte Lucas and Mr.. Collins will be happy together. I believe this because they both view marriage as a business move rather than an act of affection. After Elizabethan refusal of marriage, Charlotte began to pursue Mr..

Collins immediately, No thought of Mr.. Collins as her last chance of getting married. No one likes Mr.. Collins. Charlotte says on page eighty-three “I am not romantic… ” And “l ask only a comfortable home”. Mr.. Collins agreed to marry because he is a clergymen and he felt he should a have a wife and Charlotte agreed to marry so she would not become spinster. This was the only reason why they are getting married. Mr.. And Mrs.. Bennett: I think Mr.. And Mrs.. Bennett are happy together. Even though Mrs.. Bennett has the social grace of a donkey, Mr..

Bennett cares for his wife. When they first met, Mr.. Entente saw Mrs.. Bennett as an average and pretty girl. She did not show her true colors until they were married already. I think that Mr.. Collins makes up for Mrs.. Collins’ incompetence by making fun of her. On page blank, Mr.. Collins teases Mrs.. Collins’ about whether or not he is going to see Mr.. Bentley even though he already completed that task. I believe that Mr.. And Mrs.. Bonnet’s current relationship is the example of a couple marrying first and falling in love later.

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