Book Title: Pride and Prejudice Assignment

Book Title: Pride and Prejudice Assignment Words: 1019

Author: Jane Austin Genre: Classical Fiction Setting: The story took place In Longhorn, In rural England. Characters & Characterization: Mr.. Bennett – Mr.. Bennett has a sarcastic satire and reserve attitude. He Is also Impulsive. Mrs.. Bennett- Mr.. Banners wife whose purpose In life Is to see her daughters married. She is dull-witted and ill-mannered. Lane Bennett – Jane is Elizabethan gorgeous elder sister. Elizabeth Bennett – Elizabeth is the second daughter in the Bennett family. Elizabeth is clever. She is good at understanding and thinking. She is also the favorite of Mr..

Bennett. Mary Bennett – Mary is the third daughter in the Bennett family. She is very interested in reading and very finicky. Catherine Bennett – Catherine, also known as Kitty, is the fourth daughter in the Bennett family. Lydia Bennett- Lydia is the youngest daughter in the Bennett family. She has a good sense of humor. Charles Bentley- Dairy’s very affluent friend. He Is handsome, well-mannered and gentleman. Miss Caroline Bentley – Miss Caroline Bentley Is the snobbish and younger sister of Charles Bentley and Louisa Hurst. Mrs.. Louisa Hurst – Mrs.. Hurst Is the wife of Mr.. Hurst. He Is the elder sister of Mr..

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Charles Bentley and Miss Caroline Blarney. Mr.. Hurst – Mr.. Hurst is the husband of Mrs.. Louisa Hurst. Georgian Dairy – Georgian is the bashful and quiet younger sister of Mr.. Dairy. Sir William Lucas – Sir William Lucas was a knight in Emerson. He is married to Lady Lucas. Lady Lucas – Lady Lucas is a kind neighbor of Bonnet’s family. Charlotte Lucas – Charlotte is the Elizabethan close friend. She is sensible and intelligent. She agrees to marry Mr.. Collins. Mr.. Philips – Mr.. Philips is appointed to act for someone else in legal matters. Mrs.. Philips – Mrs.. Philips is the sister of Mrs.. Bennett and Mr..

Gardener. She is the Knife of Mr.. Philips. Lady Catherine De Burgh – Lady Catherine is a widow of Sir Lewis De Burgh. She is bumptious. She loves interfering in something that is not her concern. Sir Lewis De Burgh – Sir Lewis is the deceased husband of Lady Catherine De rough. Miss De Burgh – Miss De Burgh is a shy and sickly daughter of Lady Catherine De Colonel Fatalism – Colonel Fatalism is the cousin of Mr.. Dairy. He is also the nephew of Lady Catherine De Burgh. Mr.. Collins – Mr.. Collins is a well-mannered clergyman. He is the cousin of Mr.. Entente and the heir of the Bennett estate.

Colonel Forester – Colonel Forester is the head of militia regiment stationed in Emerson. Mr.. Hickman – Mr.. Hickman is a good looking man and a military officer. He makes Elizabeth believe that Dairy tricked him out of an inheritance. Mr.. Gardener – Mr.. Gardener is Mrs.. Bonnet’s prosperous brother. Mrs.. Gardener – Mrs.. Gardener is the wife of Mr.. Gardener. She is very close to her nieces especially Jane and Elizabeth. Mrs.. Long – Mrs. Long is a gossipy neighbor of the Bennett. She has two daughters No compete with the Bennett sisters in finding good suitors for husbands. Puns lady caught his attention. Mr.. Chamberlain – Mr..

Chamberlain is a member of the militia regiment stationed In Emerson. Dawson – Dawson is the servant of Lady Catherine De Burgh. Richard – Richard is a servant of Mr.. And Mrs.. Philips. Captain Carter – Captain Carter is one of the militia officer stationed in Emerson. Miss Watson – Miss Watson is a dweller in Emerson. Mr.. Jones – Mr.. Jones prepares and sells medicines at Emerson. He is the one who treated Jane when she got sick at Interfiled. Mrs.. Hill – Mrs.. Hill is a housekeeper in Longhorn. Mr.. Denny – Mr.. Denny was introduced to Mr.. Hickman before Hickman arrived at Emerson. He is a member of militia stationed in Emerson.

Miss Younger – Miss Younger was the governess of Georgian Dairy. Miss Secession – Miss Secession is the governess of Miss De Burgh. Mrs.. Manacles – Mrs.. Manacles is the governess of Georgian Dairy. Plot Summary: A wealthy bachelor, Mr.. Bentley, and his two sisters and Mr.. Dairy are to take up residence at Interfiled. When Mrs.. Bennett hears the news, her daughters are filled with excitement that possible suitors will be in full supply. A ball is held in the neighborhood. Mr.. Bentley impresses everyone while Mr.. Dairy is declared to be proud and arrogant. Mr.. Dairy fell in love with Elizabeth, who comes from a low class family. Mr..

Dairy’s aunt, Lady Catherine De Burgh, was not in favor of her. Elizabeth dislikes Mr.. Dairy so much because of her first impression that he is a disagreeable man. She found out later that she was wrong. Elizabeth is falling in love with Mr.. Dairy even though she is hesitant to admit the truth. She has to control her feelings. But, the time came that she has to fight for love. Theme: and Elizabeth find it as the formal union of a man and woman on true love. Class for the characters are classified into two, the upper class and the lower class. Commentary: Some guide questions: Did you enjoy the book? Fees, I did enjoy the book. NH or why not? Eke Pride and Prejudice because the story is very interesting and captivating. It also helps me imagine the manners and lives of people during 18th century. Mould you recommend the book to others? Why or why not? Fees, I would recommend Pride and Prejudice to others. The themes of the book are related to people today. Nat did you learn? I learned to avoid making bad impressions to someone I am meeting for the first time. Nerve you satisfied with the ending? Why? Fees, I am satisfied with the ending. It is because it is a happy ending. Mr.. Dairy married Elizabeth despite their differences. If not, how do you think it should have ended, and why?

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