Pride and Prejudice Assignment

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Pride and Pre]dolce lane Austin wrote First Impressions in 1796. It was later revised and renamed Pride and Prejudice in 1813. Jane Austin wrote 6 other novels but kept her writing secretive (Metro). Many thought “Pride and Prejudice” was a better name than “First Impressions” which is why it was renamed. The symbolism of the title applies to the two main characters, Ms. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr.. Fatalism Dairy. “Pride” in the title, Pride and Prejudice, relates to Mr.. Dairy. Mr..

Dairy is a wealthy gentleman who inherited his money from his father (Austin 6). People’s first impression of Dairy Is that he Is very prideful and thinks he Is better than others people. Elizabeth Bennett and Dairy first knew of each other at the first ball. Mr.. Bentley, a good friend of Mr.. Dairy, was dancing with Jane Bennett, eldest Bennett daughter. Bentley and Dairy spoke about how handsome she Is so Bentley told Dairy about Elizabeth. Dairy, being the prideful man he was, said she wasn’t handsome enough to tempt him (7).

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Later Dairy realizes he actually likes but Ms. Caroline Bentley is trying to get him to like her (34). Dairy likes Elizabeth but tries to make it unknown. He is very nice, and polite to her and when Caroline is being rude he immediately includes Elizabeth. (36). Dairy later gets over his Pride and proposes to Elizabeth. (129). Elizabeth is very prejudice. The first thing she heard from Dairy was at the first ball when he said, “She is perfectly tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me” (7). After hearing that she could not change her thought of him.

Everything she heard she only heard negative things and did not change her perspective. She tells Mr.. Dairy “l have every reason to think Ill of you” (130). That was after he split up Bentley and Cane’s marriage but that as because he did not want his friend to get hurt. Mr.. Hickman told Elizabeth things about Dairy that she assumed to be true because of her thought of him, but she found out it was all a lie from Dairy himself when he proposed (131 Elizabeth finally realizes how wrong she has been and tells Mr..

Bennett that Mr.. Dairy “has no improper pride. He is perfectly amiable” (254). Elizabeth gets over her prejudice and finally changes her perspective. Mr.. Dairy and Elizabeth have a compatible relationship. They realize they share a lot of the same likes, they are affectionate, how respect, but they do not show a lot of passion. Since Elizabeth also told Jane how bad and prideful Dairy was, Jane did not believe Elizabeth when she told her they were engaged (251).

Dairy and Elizabeth bring out the strong suit in the other person Instead of bringing out flaws. They did not marry for business and they do not have a romantic relationship, which means their relationship may last a very long time. In order for Mr.. Dairy and Ms. Bonnet’s relationship to work, they both had to overcome something. Dairy had to get over a little of his pride. Elizabeth had to look cited to change then there would be no relationship and Lady Catherine De Burgh may have gotten what she wanted. Pride and Prejudice” fits the book better than “First Impressions” because of the symbolism that it has. Pride relates to Dairy and prejudice relates to Elizabeth. Many love Jane Student’s way of writing. The way she tells her stories engage her readers. Between 1796 and 1813 there were discussions about the name of the book and whether it should be changed. It is a matter of opinion which title was better suited, but most think “Pride and Prejudice” gives hints about what is to come and the symbolism it uses.

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