Love Theme in Pride and Prejudice Assignment

Love Theme in Pride and Prejudice Assignment Words: 471

Dairy is at first cold and uninterested in the poor, socially inferior Ms. Bennett. He says, “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me” (Austin 31). He scorns the ball at Emerson, and says it’s a waste of his time (Austin 32). Mr.. Dairy’s affections though begin to change after Elizabeth comes to Interfiled Park in order to take care of her sister, Jane. The narrator states at this time, “He really believed, that were it not for the Inferiority of her connections, he should be In some danger” (Austin 159). Mr..

Dairy, surprisingly though, extends an offer of marriage to Elizabeth; He Just reposes with the constant mention of how he Is of higher standing, In so many ways, and how that this match is against his better judgment. Even while humbling himself to the point of asking a middle class woman to marry him, pride still exudes from his mouth. Ms. Bennett, needless to say, declines. This spurning of his proposal humbles him to the point where he once again asks for her hand, and this time humbly. Austin shows love and affection subduing the proud Mr..

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Dairy humbling him to the point where he would happily marry a middle class girl of greatly inferior social tanning, reputation, and wealth. Secondly, Jane Austin shows love conquering over Elizabethan prejudice. For the entire first half of the book. Elizabeth loathes Dairy and his social class. She finds him and his class snobbish, pretentious, and prideful. Elizabeth mirthfully believes rumors about him coming from the untruthful Hickman, and does not let Dairy defend himself against them.

Elizabethan prejudice starts to subside though after Dairy’s marriage proposal and she gradually starts to trust and admire him, especially after Mr.. Dairy’s servant Mrs.. Reynolds speaks so kindly of him (Austin 755). Elizabeth Bonnet’s love for Dairy grew greatly the more knowledge she gained about him, which coincidentally destroyed Elizabethan prejudice. Lastly, Elizabeth and Dairy break down huge social barriers in their marriage. This is seen in no greater of a way than in the confrontation between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine De Burgh.

The old lady cannot stand the fact that her well-groomed nephew wants to marry a poor pauper girl. She warns Elizabeth that if he were to marry Dairy that he would soon become the “contempt of the world” (Austin 1108). And not only does Mr.. Dairy’s class object to the pairing, but Elizabethan own mother and father do not think It Is possible that their daughter to marry that high Into the social order (Austin 1173). The only reason this couple would have gotten together is love, and Austin is showing that love can overcome Elizabeth Bennett, to show that true love outshines social acceptability, and overcomes pride and prejudice.

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