Poverty Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Targets Assignment

Poverty Reduction and Environmental Sustainability Targets Assignment Words: 588

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Targets: By 2010-2020 the proportion of people whose income is less than SUDS a day must change and also people who suffer from hunger to be helped by government. Health Targets: TO Improve health and also to provide medical facilities should made easier and convenient to access to all . To provide more public hospitals and clinics and also o built them and put professional staff ,also to educate citizen on the importance of hygiene ,to prevent diseases for example Diarrhea,cholera and malaria 4 Ensure Environmental Sustainability Targets:Len Zanzibar I want also to see integrate the principles of sustainable developments into county policies and programmed and reverse the loss of environmental resources. O see proportion of land area covered by forest and total water resources used. Halve by 2020,the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation for example people who are living in Hare they do not have clean drinking water.

Nepal) From the article “water collection project at Mohair community lodge”, good sanity water was archived by MIX coming to party with volunteer to assist with their technology and system that converts salt water solutions into mixed oxides used to disinfect water to safe drinking used by Nepal community 5 Develop a Global Partnership for Development Targets:’ want to see by 2020 to see develop further an open rule-based,non- coordinators trading and financial system includes a commitment to good governance ,development and poverty reduction -both national and international.

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TO address the special needs of the developed countries for example tariff and quota free access for the least developed countries exports enhanced programmer of debt relief for heavily indebted poor countries HIPS and cancellation of official bilateral debit and more generous DOD for countries committed to poverty reduction. TO deal comprehensively with the debt problems of developing countries through nation and international measure in order to make debt sustainable in the long term. TO be in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies provide access to affordable essential drugs in developing countries.

TO in cooperation with the private sector,make available to benefits of new technologies,especially information and communication. 6 Economy Targets :To attract foreign investments and encourage savings by private citizen. The inflation should not extremely increase. 7 Gender equality and empower women Targets want to see my country by 2020 to eliminate gender discrimination in remarry and secondary sectors by 2020 and in all levels of education also to empower young and older who are disadvantaged women. Create employment Targets :to see Zanzibar an government creating Jobs and also to introduce projects to people so that they will be busy with projects than doing nothing My final list come from my comparisons with other peers like T GUNG, I LEWIS and Z JAR others in the discussion most of our Meds and Targets were the same most of them the difference was that me I was talking about Zanzibar as my country and they ere talking about South Africa as there country.

They were talking about economy in there Meds . Most of the people in the discussion come up with the same Meds and Targets. To compare happiness to increase economic wealth is that it was having absolute power and also the king use four pillars to NH to guide the construction and implementation of policies in Bhutan. Let was also based on four pillars like Equitable Economic Development,Environmental Preservation ,Cultural Resilience and Good Governance.

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