Adult Education and Poverty Reduction. Assignment

Adult Education and Poverty Reduction. Assignment Words: 378

Education Is ten proper organization AT materials wench activates our senses Ana gives us pleasure. It is the process of humiliation and con-concatenations in a concreted manner, about the real nature of humanity. It is a non-neutral, emancipators/liberating, none domesticating but committed and transformation process by and through which human beings can realize their true person hood (Singer, 1993). Education is growing the reality, essence or being of humanity-??to grog something is to grasp it: to get the marrow, the inner meaning, the crux, or the gist of it.

To get the essence of a communication or sharing so we are able to recreate it in our own language. The linkage between development and education is simply put the fulfillment of human being-hood (development) and the realization or awareness of that fulfillment (education). This clearly suggests an antagonism against or antithesis to poverty. The attainment of genuine development and the completion of education as a process signal as of necessity, the end of poverty. At a micro level poor households have less education levels than rich ones. Children from poor families are under pressure to work as soon as possible.

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In the current era of HIVE and AIDS poor families that are hardest hit do not have access to education because of the prohibitive costs (Singer, 1993). High living standards and poverty reduction were influenced by education, which has a role in determining access to different sources of income. The reduction of poverty can be effected through education, which implies moral, political and social liberation. Some types of education can be used to perpetuate poverty and as such they are not education (Young, 1991). References Dame F W (1999), Jean-Jacques Rousseau on Adult Education and Revolution

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